100 garments under 500 $ to upgrade your AW 2018 closet

AW 2018

AW 2018

AW 2018

AW 2018

Autumn has finally arrived! And I couldn’t be more happy about it. I really love the first days of autumn, when you still can catch some warm sun rays while the leaves are already changing their colors and a cold winds freshens up the air from time to time. And the best of all: you can wear anything

No matter if it’s a dress or pants kinda day, no matter if you rather like to wear heels over a pair of booties: the possibilities are endless. In summer it’s often too warm to wear a blazer or a coat so those pieces are staying hidden inside your closet. During winter time it’s sometimes risky to wear a pair of pumps because you might fall in case the ground is icy. But if it’s autumn (or spring) you are free to choose from all the variety of your closet. Transform your summer dress into an autumn piece by putting a coat on top of it or wear your winter coat with a silky skirt. You see I could give you a ton of examples why every fashionable girl should love this season. But this post isn’t only to praise the advantages of my favorite season but also to get you covered with some new pieces under 500 bucks. 

One of the main reasons why I like the cold season is that you can wear coats. I think a coat is such a wonderful garment that it’s really sad we don’t get to see it all year long. And also the coat designs are always so versatile and creative. A wonderful catch for example is the checkered cape by MSGM with orange ruffles (it’s on sale!). Or what about a new teddy coat by Mango? I hope my little selection helps you to find your favorite coat for this season.


What else do you need for your autumn wardrobe? Of course something to put underneath your coat (in case you don’t want to surprise your lover naked 😀 ) so I’m starting with one of the oldest (if not the oldest) pieces in fashion history: a dress. Dresses this season appear in a big variety of shapes and cuts but we’re seeing many checkered dresses and of course (as it’s turning colder) midi lengths. I really love the puffy sleeves of the Alice + Olivia dress and would love to wear it with some long gloves and knee-high booties. What’s your favorite dress?


Sweaters are one of the most important wardrobe staples: as soon as the days start to get really cold we are going to be glad about every single knitted garment in our closet. While scrolling the pages of the world wide web I realized that bold and patterned knits are going to be a trend this AW for sure. Although most of the pullovers I own are very simple, uni-colored pieces I think I’m going to change my mind this year and buy a few more extraordinary pieces. What about you?


Skirts or pants – it’s up to you. The fabrics reach from leather to silk and you can wear anything with a cool chunky sweater on top.  I really like both for fall, as much as I like skirts and pants equally (although you might remember a time when I didn’t own a single pair of pants). I just ordered three new pieces for autumn from the selection below and can’t wait to share the resulting looks with you. What do you prefer: skirts or pants?


You know I am a sucker for shoes, they are my Achilles tendon: sometimes when I go shopping I really dislike everything but when it comes to the shoe department I can’t help myself – there’s always that one pair that melts my heart. So to all of you shoe-victims (just like myself): this selection is for you! ♥ 


What women really need are bags. Every garment my boyfriend owns has pockets and many of the pieces I own haven’t. All the time when I find a dress or skirt with pockets I’m really happy about it – I mean: sometimes my pants also don’t have pockets! So in a world where designers think that pockets are unnecessary for us we are forced to buy ourselves some really nice arm candy. But you and I know that those can get expensive real quick, which is the reason why I decided to show you some beautiful and also exciting designs when it comes to bags which cost less than 500 $. 


Blouse. H&M Conscious Exclusive SS 18.

Earrings. ST’ATOUR.

Skirt. H&M.

Bag. No. 21.

Shoes. Topshop.


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  1. October 12, 2018 / 3:02 pm

    Oooh so viel schöne Herbst – Inspo ! 🙂 ich könnte gefühlt gerade eh alles leer shoppen weil die neue Saison so Bock auf den Herbst macht.
    Und vor allem bei Mänteln und Blazern kann ich nie genug bekommen 😉
    Toller Look! ♥



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