Three Wonderful Hair Care Products

Lots of your lovely comments which appear under my IG posts are dedicated to my hair. This is why I want to share three of my favourite

hair care products

with you today.

I had to experiment for years until I finally found my hair life saviours.

The first time I went to my favourite hairdresser Nathalie my thatch was in a bad condition. It was very frizzy, dry and also stressed by a lot of hair dyeing which I carried out myself for years. 🙁

As I asked her for help she introduced me to Moroccanoil. If you haven’t yet I highly recommend you to test these products out for that reason alone that they smell incredible.

The scent is bloomy and can hardly be described by words.

She gave me two products which I use on a daily basis now.

No. 1 – Conditioner

The first one is a conditioner which helps me to smooth the frizzy ends and lengths of my hair.

It’s called “Smoothing Conditioner” and really delivers what it promises.

So if you are having dry hair this one really does the trick.

No. 2 – Styling Cream

The second panacea is the “Hydrating Styling Cream”. Even tough it’s called styling cream I consider it more to be the expansion of a conditioner. You rub it into your moist hair and let it be without rinsing. It helps my hair to stay mostly spliss free and has a wonderful nurturing effect. Everytime I forget to apply this product my hair seems more unhealthy right away.

No. 3 – Shampoo

Last one for a magnificant head of hair: The shampoo. Mine is from L’Oréal Paris‘ hair care line called “Botanicals” which is without silicons, parabens and dye stuffs. The green one which I use is especially for damaged hair and should strengthen the hair from it’s roots. I’m really happy with this product as the impact is as expected and the smell of fresh coriander is heavenily.

What are your hair care secrets?

Would like to know! ♥

(Sadly the Botanicals one isn’t available in the US but I found a similar one for you)


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  1. May 11, 2017 / 6:52 pm

    I would love to try these out, especially after reading this post of the girl who has the most amazing hair ever haha! Moroccan oil is my favourite too by far and still use it even now that I have cut my hair short. Their oil is my favourite hair product, have you tried it? And let’s point out how heavenly they smell right? 😀
    Thanks for sharing and have a lovely evening darling!

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