Ruby Auto Curler by IM


Last week a parcel arrived and I’m pretty excited to tell you about it. Inside was my new beauty keypiece: the Ruby Auto Curler by Irresistible Me.

The curler I used before was from Remington and it did a good job I guess, but I’m a little bit clumsy and so I often burned myself while using it (shame on me, I don’t have heat protection gloves! 😉 ), anyway I hoped it would get better with an auto rotating curler.

I recieved the Ruby Curler after only a few days of waiting which is veeeery little according to the fact that I’m living in Germany.

The Ruby curler came in a nice little box with magnetic latch, so your curler is preserved pretty well when you’re not using it.

The Curler has five heat levels from 260°F to 410°F (which is from 126.7 °C to 210 °C) and heats up pretty quick. There are also a left and right button to set the curl direction and to change the course to let your hair off the iron.

My hair is a little wavy naturally but it’s also a little damaged from dyeing and so it looks kind of fuzzy and unmanageable when I let my hair “undone”. My hair is quite long so I was a little scrupeled how it would work out.

I used the iron on 380°F / 193.3 °C and let the strands of hair curled for at least 10 seconds before unroll them.  For the right side of my head I used the left button and for the left side the right.

First of all I gotta say that it took me about twenty minutes to curl my hair, which is very much better than it was with my old iron. Second thing I really got to mention is that I didn’t burn myself once! Yay! 🙂

Aaaand…I’m very pleased with the result! My hair is wavy, looks healthy and the soft waves fall beautiful onto my shoulders.

Besides: the curls stayed like this for hours (even though I don’t use hairspray (ever 😉 )) and also after brushing my hair before going to sleep it stayed wavy.

Conclusion: I. Am. In. Love. ♥ 😀

If you want to check out the data of the curler or get one for yourself, click here !


Check out my video below to see the whole curling and get ready process 😉

Have a lovely day! ♥


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