Excellent Skin Care Products by Bioderma

Skin Care.

Such a huge and important topic when talking about beauty issues.

Which is the reason why I want to share a wonderful brand with you today: BIODERMA *.

Are you looking for a great skin care for a while now?

If the answer is yes – stay tuned! 😉

First of all: Let me introduce you to


I have a really demanding skin.

It’s super sensitive, it prones to get flushes and gets super dry very quick.

Temperature changes, stress and make-up are sometimes very hard to handle for my skin and affect it right away.

But for me a good, happy and healthy skin is really important.

And I’m sure it’s for you a well, isn’t it? ☺

So let’s talk about a wonderful solution for all our skin problems:


The name says it all.

“We understand the biology of the skin” is the brands philsophy.

And they really do. If you are from Germany you can click here and make a quick test which Bioderma products would match with your skin.

I did this test myself and here is the result:

Atoderm is the product line which made a perfect match with my skin.

Curious about the single products and their effects?

Read on! 😉

1. Hydrabio Crème

My favorite product of them all is the Hydrabio Crème.

It’s for dry to super dry skin.

The texture of the creme is super soft and smooth.

I apply it onto my face in the morning and evening.

The creme is absorbed by the skin real quick and it feels moisturized right after.

After using it for a few weeks now I can say that my skin isn’t as dry as in the beginng. It feels softer and looks more radiant.

Definitly an excellent product which I’m going to get again! ☺

 2. Hydrabio H2O

The Alpha and Omega of a good skin is a good skin-cleanser.

Especially for everyone who wears make-up on a daily-basis the make-up remover is the most important thing.

What I know for sure when forgetting to take off my make-up in the evening (e.g. when I’m super tired and drop off while watching a series on Netflix 😀 ) is that my skin gets in a huff.

Spots, dry steads and flushes are the result.

The Hydrabio H2O helps to prevent stuff like this. It moisturizes your skin while removing your make-up.

And helps to leave the skin in a perfect condition to treat with care products right away! 😉

3. Atoderm Huile De Douche and Atoderm Crème

First of all let’s focus on the Atoderm Huile de Douche which is a shower oil.

I really looove this product! ♥

I use this while showering to clean my body and also face. It’s free from parabens, colors and soaps.

The oil wonderfully moisturizes your skin while cleaning it from all the environmental influences like bacteria.

What I love the most about it is the condition in which this product leaves your skin: so super clean.

The second product which I use after showering is the Atoderm Crème.

The skin on my arms and especially legs is often a bit dry after taking a shower. I think it may be because of the hot water (I’m a wimp! 😉 ) and of course shaving…

So I rub in the creme to keep not only my face but also the skin of my whole body in a good condition.

It has a wonderful creamy texture and helps to repair dry skin areas.


If you have similar skin to mine you can buy those products here or check out the webpage of BIODERMA.

Have you tried there products yet?

Have you any skin care secrets?

Lots of love,


*This post was created in lovely cooperation with Bioderma.de .



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