Black and Blue: A Lovestory

Out of the blue and into the black.

– Neil Young

Black meets Blue. A Lovestory.

There is the unwritten rule (or maybe someone wrote it and I  just don’t know about it 😉 ) that you shouldn’t wear black and blue together. 

Although I know about this saying I have to tell you that I don’t mind.

One of my favorite color and non-color combinations is definitely blue and black. Whatever some fashion experts might say about it.  The color blue may be cold but is also very deep and versatile. It can be as bright as some shades of denim prove but also very dark like some navy tones point out.

Although both colors in my black and blue combo appear to be quite dark I still think the outfit doesn’t look shapeless.

The trick here are the cuts.

The flowy and feminine pleated skirt builds a wonderful contrast to the heavy and sporty hoodie.

The edginess which is created by this combination is underlined by the colors and makes the difference even more visible.

What do you think about the color combination of blue and black? Is this an absolute no-go for you or are you with me and think the both make a great couple?

Lots of love your way,


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