ERDEM x H&M – The Secret Life of Flowers

“As for myself, I hold no preference amongst flowers, as long as they are wild, free, and spontaneous.”

What’s the secret behind flowers?

It’s their strength.

Flowers don’t bloom for me neither for you. They do it for their selves.

Even under the baddest circumstances you can see them growing.

Maybe that’s an contributing factor which makes flowers so beautiful.

What I really loved about every item of the ERDEM x H&M collection are the wildflowers. Which you can see as big prints, tiny embroidery and even in the inner linings of the coats.

The theme is everywhere and I think this might be what made the designer collaboration so great.

It’s the love for the little details which empowers the collection.

My favorite piece of all is the ballgown. The details are wonderful and the bell-shaped cut reminds me of a flower itself.

But what I really appreciate are the pockets of the dress.  😉

I combined it with a D.I.Y. flower crown (so proud of myself here) to emphasize the flower theme.

For the bag I decided to go for my beloved No.21.

To face the cold I threw over a blue pint-striped coat by H&M and slipped into my Zumnorde pumps by Konstantin Starke.

Have you bought something from the designer collab?

I have to admit that my wardrobe is full of it and I can’t wait to share some more ERDEM madness with you!


BTW: We made a little video while shooting. Thing was that I changed the video settings without noticing. The resolution turned out to be shitty but I tried to “safe” it in a little retro inspired movie. You can see it below… 🙂

Flowercrown: D.I.Y.

Dress: Erdem x H&M

Bag: Numero Ventuno

Shoes: Zumnorde


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