Wearing A Kimono for Spring

Pink, blush and nude are some of my favourite colors for spring.

Every rosé-colored garment brightens up even the darkest spring days (and we all need something cheering as the weather (at least in Munich) is the worst at the moment: it snows!). So I’m currently working on a new color palette for this and the following season. My aim is to add more friendly colors to my closet, which is a bit harder than expected but let’s see how it goes.

Nevermind. I’m starting to get off the point… 😉

Let’s talk about today’s heartpiece:


The Kimono was invented and designed in Japan. It was mostly worn for festivals or formal occasions. Nowadays the T-shaped garment is an everyday item. It has developed a lot from the originial wrapped coat in Japan’s Heian period in the year 794 AD. Today, the shops are full with the most wonderful and creative versions but the dependence on it’s origin are still visible. This extends to my Kimono as well.

The big embellished cherry blossoms are referring to the homeland of the garment. The Japanese Sakura bloom is a big “event” in Japan, where people go outside to have a picnic underneath the trees.

How wonderful is this idea? You have to love a picnic sitting under a cherry tree in bloom! ❀♥

This is why I love this well thought out piece by H&M even more.

Enough of this fashion history lesson for now!


Wearing and combining a Kimono isn’t hard at all. Let’s look at some possible combinations:

1. Keep it simple!

If you are too shy to get all over the top or your Kimono is a huge eyecatcher per se the best you can possibly do is:


Combine your coat with a vintage mom jeans, some cool sneakers and a white shirt. Voilà!

2. Elegant and excellent.

Wear your Kimono with a wonderful and short black dress.

Keep the coat open, put on some slingbacks or beautiful mules and add a big clutch.

I’m sure it’ll look great!

3. It’s a wrap!

Even tough an open and thereby covibrating Kimono looks great with every step you take you should consider to wrap it.

Wear a big corset belt over the coat to set another highlight or go for a smaller statement belt.

Underneath wear a plain white blouse and some tight black jeans which you top off with a great pair of pumps.

I’m wishing you all a lovely week!




  1. Marlene
    May 6, 2017 / 5:17 pm

    I do believe that you should do more kimono posts! Enjoyed the history part a lot. Really enjoy every single one of them!
    All the best! ♥

  2. April 19, 2017 / 6:01 pm

    Im loving the kimono for spring Kat! It’s also such a gorgeous peach and totally compliments your skin tone!!

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