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Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!

When it comes to beauty one of my biggest issues is my hair. It took me years to get the perfect copper colored hair and it takes minutes over minutes or even hours over hours every day to keep it healthy, shiny and mostly split-free.

To be honest: after reading all your lovely comments everyday on IG, the blog or Lookbook I consider that (somehow) my hair is my trademark and as a result of this my best accessory… 😉

But it’s not only the color, which makes a magnificant head of hair to what it is. I think a lot of what makes good hair actually good are care, care, care and of course different hairdo’s! 😀

Something you should know about me when talking about this topic: I’m neither very talented in doing great hairstyles nor am I very creative but maybe in my case it’s the same mantra as it is for arts – keep it simple.

So when I teamed up with @bedheadbytigi I knew that I wanted to show you guys a few of my favourite products to create an effective, simple yet glamourous styling which you can easily recreate at home.

1. F I R S T   T H I N G S   F I R S T…

Wash your hair based on your normal washing routine. Wait until your hair is towel dry and start spraying the “Superstar Queen for a Day” volume spray on your hairline. For a bigger effect divide your hair in different parts and incorperate the spray into your roots. As the spray is activated by heat dry your hair with a blowdryer but choose a medium heat to do so (it’s way better for your hair!).

The spray is going to add a lovely body into your hair and creates a wonderful effect even without my step no. 2.

2. T H E   C U R L I N G   I R O N.

I can’t live without my curling iron anymore and so it’s totally no suprise that I featured one to create this look. It is based on a hairdo which you may have seen often worn by Serena Van Der Woodsen from Gossip Girl: big glam waves.

To create wonderful waves you should divide your hair in different parts. I normally start with the lowest part of my hair beginning from the neck and working my way up to the head hair skein after skein. Keep in mind to curl your hair contrary to your head sides, so you end up with beautiful outside waves.

3. P I N S,  P I N S,   P I N S. 

If you asked my boyfriend one of the hardest parts in living together with a woman may be that there are bobbypins everywhere…

I lose a whole pack of bobbyypins periodically and some of them are found on weird places from time to time. Nevermind, back to topic… 😀

When looking at the red carpet you often see a hairstyle which reminds me of old hollywood actresses back in the days of Veronica Lake – the hair falls soft mainly over one shoulder.

With this vision in our heads we can go on and start fixing the hair on the back of your head with a few of my beloved bobbypins.

4. G E T T I N G   R E A D Y!

After we created that easy but elegant hairstyle we need to talk about the other half when creating a beautiful look: make-up. As I wanted to focus on the hair in this post I keep it short here.

I used my favourite Chanel lipstick, which is “Rouge Allure Velvet” in the color Rouge Audace. The nailpolish seen on those images is Maybelline New Yorks’ “Superstay Gel Nail color” in Rouge Profond.

From now on: wear big sparkeling earrings and put on some drops of Chanel No. 5 of course! 😉

Enjoy! ♥


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