Home is where the heart is

There is no place like home to me. Home isn’t a physical place neither an apartment or anything else.

Home is where the heart is

couldn’t be more true. At least if you ask me.

I consider myself as a lucky person or especially a lucky girl.

My home is my boyfriend. Maybe it sounds like kitsch.

But I really believe that my relationship is the best thing which ever happened to me.

Sometimes it feels so unreal. Nearly five years have passed by so fast and I still can’t believe it’s true.

I’m in love. And I am everyday.

In my teenage years there was only the feeling of falling in love. The first months when you are enamored are a permanent up. The butterflies in your belly. The excitement before you meet the other. Every touch, every eye contact, every word and every laughter are new and flurry.

It’s a great feeling. But the longer you stay with a person the bigger becomes – the love.

I think what you might feel in the beginning isn’t real love.

It’s some kind of pre-love. Like a test or something.

First there is only happiness and recklessness. All you are worrying about is when you’ll meet next.

Later there are true sorrows. Things which depress and burden you. Things which you keep buried in your mind.

What happens then is sharing (and sharing is caring, right? 😉 ). You share the good and bad times. You laugh with each other as much as you cry with each other.

The first years of our relationship where exhausting. We had a long distance one, which is never easy. Time passes in both lives. You sit at home or are with friends but you are never really there. I’ve talked with my sister about this topic. Back in the days she described me as a zombie with a smartphone. I only lived for the messages coming in.

But with time and patience our relationship became better and stronger. It grew with everyday. I’m proud to say that we are a team. We push and motivate one another.

When I feel lost and worried I always know that there is a place for me where I am safe.

Where someone listens to me, cheers me up and wipes away my tears.

I think I’ve never understood what the word “home” meant until I found him.

My home is an anchor in my life. And the most wonderful person.

What is for you the epitome of home?

Lots of love,




  1. Khiz
    November 28, 2017 / 5:56 pm

    Such a wonderful photography!

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