Goals? Goals.



Goals. Your whole life seems to be dominated by this little word. It appears everywhere: in magazines, in the economic system, in conversations with friends and family or as comments or hashtags on Instagram. There is this thing with #goals…

I’m kind of addicted to goals (and I’m pretty sure most people are in their very own ways): I know exactly what my next buy is going to be, what my body goals are and which lifegoals I want to achieve.  So I consider myself as a person who has clearly in mind where she’s going to be in a couple of years.

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But do we pressurize ourselves too much with all this thinking about who we want to be and how our lifes might be? Are we about to destroy the awareness for the moment and just watch our lifes passing by while we are just sitting and thinking about goals (#yoloisdead 😀 ) ?

I know. All this sounds familar. There is this one famous and trite  quote which says “Life is What Happens To You While You’re Busy Making Other Plans”.

Of course I’m not naive enough to really think that you just can sit there, relax and wait that something life-changing happens to you. Nothing come’s from nothing. But I think it’s important to raise your eyes from time to time and to just watch how wonderful it is to…yeah…watch 😀

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Goals are important to give yourself and your life a structure, but you shouldn’t let your life be dominated by stress and frustration.

Keep strong, follow your dreams and let the magic happen! ♥


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