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It seems like this season is all about sleeves for me.
Last week I’ve shown you my latest addiction to trumpet sleeves and this week it’s about short sleeves.
But anyway: the idea of a short sleeved coat seemed to be a huge thing for me since Carrie Bradshaw showed up in a wonderful short sleeved suede jacket in season 6, episode 14, minute 15 (as you may have noticed now: I really love SATC, it’s always amazing how many outfit ideas you get while watching the series over and over again – you can say it’s one of my biggest inspirations so far! 😀 )

I love how she looks in this scene: she wears a ponytail, long rosé colored leather gloves and this wonderful jacket. Since I’ve seen this scene for the first time the image of that look was burned inside my brain and as I saw the H&M Studio Collection coat it was like meant to be that I have to buy this coat.

First of all: I totally love long gloves – it’s a timeless, elegant and feminine piece which every woman should consider of adding to her wardrobe.

Seriously: when it’s autumn or winter and you want to add a little highlight to your look – go for long gloves! 😉

As it was pretty cold during the last weeks in Munich the solution to create an autumn friendly coat look was to go half-half, as you may call it: one half of my arm was covered by the coat, the other by warm gloves, so it forms like a tiny gap between these two components. And I think that this little gap makes this look so wonderful. I liked the idea of putting this little piece of skin into scene so I wore a half-transparent mesh body with little dots on it, thinking it would be more of an eye catcher instead of showing my naked, bare skin.

I know it’s little early to show a look which seems to be all coated-up, but I like the outcome anyway.

Wishing you guys all a wonderful and lovely week!





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  1. October 31, 2016 / 6:42 pm

    I am so on board with the gloves! What a great accessory, especially the long ones! And those velvet ones are dreamy, as the rest of the look my dear Katharina! You look like a hollywood actress from the 20s! You have such a unique, exceptional style that I have no doubt you will make a career in fashion! And how magical is that earring!!??
    PS: I remember that scene with Carrie of course, and SATC is one of my major inspiration sources too!
    Thanks so much for sharing my dear and have a great day!

    • ultrvlnc
      November 8, 2016 / 11:09 am

      Such a great comment, Stella!
      Would love to make a career in fashion, but the sea is big and there are so many wonderful fish in it, so who am I to do so? 😉
      Anyways: your comment made me smile, especially because I love the 20ies!
      Have a wonderful day, my dearest!

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