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Rafia’s Look

SHIRT: Zara SUNGLASSES: &otherstories  SHOES: Zara

Kat’s Look

DRESS: &otherstories BELT: H&M BAG: Zara SUNGLASSES: H&M SHOES: &otherstories



L I F E S T Y L E   &   L O O K

As you may remember from the last post I wanted to go with my friend and colleague Rafia to the Bread&Butter Berlin, but unfortunately our workplace couldn’t make it to give us both a weekend off work so we stayed in Munich.

But anyways: The sunday before was totally #sundayfunday .

We decided to make a little shooting before meeting with other friends and this is the outcome.

We talked a little about our outfits before but in the end the only thing we really knew was that it should be all-black-everything.

The shooting situation on that day was more than funny: sun was shining for about half an hour when suddenly it started raining and we went all wet but couldn’t stop taking photos, which makes us laugh so damn hard about ourselves.

It must have looked so funny: two idots all dressed up, standing in the rain, taking photos on the street, while everybody else was grabbing their umbrellas in panic and rushing over the streets to look for some shelter from the rain.

Dear Rafia: it was a blast! ♥☺

“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.”

― Coco Chanel

Now a little about the looks.

I love all-black looks, because my favourite colors are dark black, bright black and also pastel black (jk 😀 ). But if you think about it: you can’t go wrong with black.

Black in all it’s simplicity and beauty is so multifarious: it gives you that secretive smile, makes you walk like a farouche goddess and gifts you with strength and self-confidence.

So who could you not love black? It’s pure, it’s simple, it’s love. ♥

We styled the all-black look with some kind of statement bags in metallic look and a pair of cool sunnies.

What do you think about the result?

So much love to you, guys!

lookbook-all-black-everything-hm-zara-andotherstories-lace-dress-streetstyle-3IMG_9626-3 lookbook-all-black-everything-hm-zara-andotherstories-lace-dress-streetstyle-1 lookbook-all-black-everything-hm-zara-andotherstories-cooperate-fashion-streetstyle-1lookbook-all-black-everything-hm-zara-andotherstories-lace-dress-streetstyle-4


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