l62JACKET: Mango PLAYSUIT: Motel by Topshop CORSAGE: 2nd Hand BAG: Liebeskind Berlin SHOES: &otherstories JEWELRY: H&M, &otherstories

This winter sucks.

Today’s weather conditions were so shitty for shooting – argh! 🙁

So I’m really sorry that my head is cropped in some of the pictures. I’ve been shooting by myself, which is always difficult, but even more difficult when it is cold and stormy. But I gave my very best to show you my new look.

I’m a huge fan of college jackets but I wasn’t quite sure which one to take for my personal style, because I don’t consider myself to wear sporty or casual styles very often.

This college jacket fits better than “regular” college jackets to my wardrobe, because the fabric is satin and there are these gold stripes and this beautiful print of a peacock on the back.

I tried to take some of the sportiness away by combining it with my new golden heels by &otherstories and a playsuit by Motel. The neckline is very low so I’m wearing a 2nd hand corsage underneath, which colours and style seem to fit perfectly with the peacock print.

Maybe I’m going to show you a 2nd outfit with the jacket soon, because I really like it and I think there are more possibilties in styling it.

I wish you all a lovely day! ♥



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