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Moving. Moving forward. Moving on. Moving up. Keep moving. Deeply moving. Or in my case: We’re moving!

And I’m really looking forward to it! ☺

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It wasn’t planned at all to leave our apartment and as I wrote in my last blogpost: sometimes you make up your goals and you can’t achieve them. So we were forced to move out by life itself if you do want to see it that way. Sadly, our landlord died and so it’s time for us to leave this place behind which we called our home for the last two years and start looking forward to all the upcoming new adventures. But fear not, my dearest Reader, we are staying in Munich, we are only moving to the other end of town… 😀


Nevermind. After I didn’t wanted to leave my flat and it was hard to let go all the things and memories that we builded up inside our own four walls I’m kind of enjoying the thought of moving now. To redecorate, to reorganize, to make a whole new fresh start.

Living in this flat wasn’t always easy the last two years: Someone burgled into the house, after which I couldn’t really sleep for a long time.

Life is what it is: the attempt of organizing the chaos which it really is.

But I’m hoping for the best and I’m still so happy that we have the chance to start again now. To fill an empty space with love, good memories and some laughter over years. To go further, to make new steps and to become a better version of myself. I know, all this sounds kind of pathetic, but I’m a homebody and so my home means a lot to me.IMG_3770 (2)-2sw

Stay tuned for some new stuff in my Home & Living section over the next few months 😀

With lots of love ♥ ,


btw: all these images were shot in front of the “Siegestor” here in München (Munich), which is the perfect spot to be inside the city while seeing a few of the most beautiful buildings 😉



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