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Do you know that moment when you see a very special dress and while seeing it you have the feeling like it was made only for you?

As I browsed VIPme’s site I totally had this feeling.

Pages over pages I was so stunned by all those amazing dresses which were one after another so beautiful.

But as you guys know from my other posts I’m kind of addicted to embroidery…It always looks so beautiful when all those little stiches result in one bigger image.

So I think nobody is suprised that I decided to go with this lovely embroidery dress when VIPme asked me for a collaboration.

It kind of reminds me of those amazing dresses from the Valentino fashionshows you fall in love with everytime you see one. Long tulle dresses, which are always embroidered with 3D flowers or normal fancywork and which make you want to wear one like it so badly.

As creating a look around this dress I had some difficulties how I wanted to wear it.

I asked myself:

Do I want to go all over the top in a D&G / Valentino inspired way, wearing a crown in my hair and putting on some strappy heels or do I want to create a modern version of this dress?

I went with the second one.

I put on a pair of black skinny jeans, some lace-up heels and decided to go with a choker and some 60ies inspired hair and make-up style to give this huge dress kind of a more urban, modern, daily style.

After shooting those images my boyfriend and me went to a bar and as we arrived there a woman tipped on my back and said: “wow! Your dress is stunning!” , which was very cute…and yes, I agree, it is a stunner! ☺♥

At this point I want to make a quick shoutout to VIPme’s concept, which I really consider to be great: they want to support the individuality and personality of woman all around the world.

And who would I be if I didn’t think this is great?

I think everyone has their own kind of beauty and everyone should show their beauty just the way it is.

Sometimes we are thinking too much about the people around us, what or who they think we are instead of being awesome and just work with the things we got. We are criticising ourselves too much and loose the connection to us while doing it…

So be proud of yourself. Love yourself. Treat yourself.

If you want to have one of those amazing dresses check out www.vipme.com and use the following coupon code to get 5$ off for your order over 50$:

Katharina238 .

I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed! 😉

I’m wishing you guys all a lovely day! ♥

Hugs and kisses,



SHOES: Topshop


BAG: &otherstories 


lookbook-vipme-embroidery-dress-valentino-inspired-holographic-bag-details-3 lookbook-streetstyle-vipme-embroidery-dress-valentino-inspired-holographic-bag-2 lookbook-vipme-embroidery-dress-valentino-inspired-details-3 lookbook-vipme-embroidery-dress-valentino-inspired-holographic-bag-details-4lookbook-streetstyle-vipme-embroidery-dress-valentino-inspired-holographic-bag-3lookbook-vipme-embroidery-dress-valentino-inspired-details-5 lookbook-streetstyle-vipme-embroidery-dress-valentino-inspired-holographic-bag-4 lookbook-streetstyle-vipme-embroidery-dress-valentino-inspired-holographic-bag-5



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