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 Goodbye my good old Blogspot blog and hello ultrvlnc.com ! ♥ ☺

As you may or may not noiticed, this is the first offical post on my new website…I’ve been sitting at my working desk the last three days and I’ve done nothing more than formatting, layouting and CSS-scripting that whole thing and now, I think it’s good enough to finally launch. It’s still pretty empty but I’m doing my very best to get the ball rolling. I’ve already added all looks from 2016 until now and I’m thinking about adding my favourites from 2015 too.

After three days at home I wanted to go out again and see something of the world outside my window. It snowed a lot during the last few days and so it did today. Anyway I wanted to do a lookbook and so I did, even though it was terribly cold and stormy but I kind of like the outcome, although every image seems a bit blurry.  It captures the wintery mood and I think that’s pretty cool! 😎

All the shown pieces are by H&M, except for the shoes and earrings. Most important for me to show was my new blazer or cardigan, whatever you like to call it, which you nearly don’t get so see between all these snowflakes.

Nevermind, I’m going to show it to you in one of the upcoming posts again!

What is your winter like? Do you like my new page?

I wish you a lovely day! ♥

IMG_8813-4 IMG_8832-4 IMG_8864-4 IMG_8793-2



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