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As the cold season starts to slowly make it’s way into our closets I had to change mine as well.

The light summer dresses won’t be seen until next year, so hello there cold-weather wardrobe! ☺

To be honest: Autumn and spring are my favourite seasons of the year.

You can choose between skirts and pants, jackets or no-jackets, blouses and pullovers,…

There are so many possibilities in these seasons (at least in the temperate zone) which makes it for me to the most appealing when it comes to fashion terms.

To underline this either or  attitude which autumn brings with it for me I decided not to decide and created a look which can be worn with hat and gloves or without. Of course you can say every look can be worn with or without gloves and a hat and I think it may be true, but the thing is: it changes the whole look.

As I went shooting on that day I started my way with a sleeveless coat, the beret from the images in this look and gloves. It was pretty windy and I kind of freezed (I’m really sensitive for temperature changes, you too?).

When walking to my shooting point the weather changed from cold and windy to sunny and slightly warm (the sun really blared me, so if I’m grumpy looking on some of those images this is the reason 😀 ) , which led to the descision to take off my coat and to show that those little accessories can change a lot, when creating a look.

Everyone in the world desires the so called French Girl chic so I wanted to create a look, which is based on the feeling of the French lifestyle.

I putted on my beloved Chanel rouge allure velvet No. 59 lipstick, which is a pretty dark shade as you can see, went with a “L’AMÔUR” printed body and my new beloved paperback pants by H&M. The colours of the look are pretty basic but I suppose sometimes the secret to create a wonderful look is hidden underneath strong contrasts…

What do you think of my with or without AW accessory look?

I’m whising you all wonderful first days of autumn!

Lots of love,



PANTS: H&M Studio AW 16

SHOES: &otherstories

BAG: Topshop


JEWELRY: Villa Sorgenfrei Berlin, &otherstories, Vintage, H&M


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  1. October 19, 2016 / 10:53 am

    Meine liebe Katharina,

    Ich muss gestehen, ich bin gerade zum ersten Mal auf deinem Blog – auch wenn ich dir auf Instagram schon vor langem ein wahrer Fan geworden bin.
    (ich musste erstmal meinen eigenen Blog erstellen und zu viel Inspiration/Ablenkung hätte mich nur noch mehr verwirrt haha).
    Wie sehr ich dieses Outfit, eigentlich alle deiner Outfits liebe, weißt du schon. Die Hose hat etwas elegantes und ist durch den Cord Stoff doch sehr cool und gar nicht langweilig. Die Kombination verleiht dem ganzen eine französische Note. Wirklich wundervoll.
    Du hast definitiv eine neue Leserin gewonnen <3
    Freue mich auf mehr.


  2. October 17, 2016 / 10:27 am

    Dear Katharina, your look is gorgeous! For myself I prefer the look without the beret but that’s just because I do not like hats – well at least not on me! On you the outfit looks stunning both ways and really french 😉 I really like your writing style as it is playful but still simple 🙂 As it comes to the thema of seasons, I totally agree with you, I also love autumn and spring but I also love winter – even though I already at this time of the year feel like I can’t stand any more coldness 😉 but me and snow… it’s just a thing 🙂 What do you think about winter and the cozy big sweaters?
    Hugs from Switzerland
    Janine from

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