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lookbook-hm-band-shirt-zara-bag-streetstyle-choker-autumn-details-2 lookbook-hm-band-shirt-overkneeboots-zalando-zara-bag-streetstyle-choker-autumn-7lookbook-hm-band-shirt-overkneeboots-zalando-zara-bag-streetstyle-choker-autumn-2

Sometimes people write me messages via IG or other social media asking about how I make my photos all by myself, so I decided to tell you a little about this process.

My blog was very different in the beginnig: the setting was less urban, more “greenish” with forests or fields in the background. The reason therefor is very simple: in Munich are lots of neighbourhoods which look more suburban with lovely little houses, green small gardens and parks. Since I’m in Munich (for more than two year now) I lived in such areas.

As I started blogging I didn’t care about the background. Most of the time I thought about the looks and as I (and time) moved on I started to realize that the whole image has to convey the feeling of the look. It turned out for me that plain, more urban backgrounds with great architecture (which you have loads of in Munich 😉 ) were the thing I was looking for. But back to where I started: first posts were mostly shot in green spots because I used to ask my boyfriend a lot to take photos from me.

As the blog developed and we both are kind of workaholic people it was getting harder and harder for us to do the photos together on places I considered to be the perfect for a specific look and I decided to try out to do it by myself.


First of all: you should be aware that you need a camera with selftimer to do it 😉

With the idea of doing the whole shooting process all by myself (“aaaaaaaaall by my-seeeee-heeeeelf…” gosh! I’m so prone to earworms! 😀 ) I needed some new equipment for my Canon EOS 1100D . So I bought myself a tripod from the mid-range price segment and a remote control for my camera.

As my first all-alone photoshoot was about to happen I was pretty disappointed by the control I bought, because it didn’t turn out as positive as expected: it seems to take hours until a photo was shot and sometimes they weren’t sharp even tough I bought the control for the exact same reason. But as it is a lot of work for me to shoot a look (wait until the outfit is picture perfect (sometimes for months (I’m a perfectionist 😀 )), get dressed, do your hair and make-up on fleek, search for the perfect location, get there by public transport,…)  I just couldn’t accept to not do the photos by myself or wait until a good moment comes up to shoot with my boyfriend.

Next thing I did was to practice. Like a lot. Sounds stupid, but this is as it is. Today I’m doing all my photos just by using the selftimer function which is included in the camera.

You can imagine the process as the following: I drive to that specific location, I’m unpacking my tripod and camera, I’m focusing manually on something near by and after that when I press the trigger I have exact 10 seconds to get ready and strike my pose. Sounds as complicated as it is and sometimes I come home with at least 500 photos just to choose between 8 and 15 in think I can work with to keep my quality.  The rest of it is post production and some stuff for another blogpost for you.

So if you are ever wondering why some photos are better than others: either it was one of the really good ones I did by myself or it was somebody else’s work.

All the shots in this post are created by me and nobody else! 😀

(btw: I think about 60 % of all the photos are actually taken by myself)

Have a wonderful week!





lookbook-hm-band-shirt-zara-bag-streetstyle-choker-autumn-details-6lookbook-hm-band-shirt-overkneeboots-zalando-zara-bag-streetstyle-choker-autumn-4 lookbook-hm-band-shirt-overkneeboots-zalando-zara-bag-streetstyle-choker-autumn-5 lookbook-hm-band-shirt-zara-bag-streetstyle-choker-autumn-details-4



  1. November 28, 2016 / 5:27 pm

    This is totally crazy! I read it on your IG that you take the pictures yourself and I couldn’t believe it.
    Let me ask you something, aren’t people staring at you? My husband takes my pictures and when pedestrians pass by I shy away.
    Beautiful work my darling Katharina.
    Have a great week!

  2. November 8, 2016 / 12:38 am

    Ach krass, das hätte ich bei deinen Fotos ja gar nicht gedacht! Dafür werden sie aber sehr sehr gut 🙂 Ich habe es auch mal so gemacht, bloß habe ich mich nie raus getraut – das lief dann immer auf dem Hinterhof ab. Ist dir das nicht unangenehm von Passanten gesehen zu werden? Ich glaube, da bin ich persönlich nicht abgehärtet genug für! Ich wäre auf allen Fotos knallrot 😀

    Liebe Grüße,
    Malin | Spark&Bark

    • ultrvlnc
      November 8, 2016 / 11:03 am

      Hallo liebe Malin!
      Am Anfang hab ich mich da sehr unsicher gefühlt und manchmal hab ich auch jetzt noch ein seltsames Gefühl, wenn ich das mache, aber man gewöhnt sich dran und härtet zwangsläufig ab 😉
      Das einzige, was daran nervig ist, dass es wirklich sehr oft Passanten gibt die einem die Arbeit durch Negativkommentare erschweren, was mich dann oft mitnimmt, worüber ich aber oft ganz gut stehen kann.
      Wer mit meiner Arbeit nicht klarkommt: nicht mein Problem! 😀
      Man lernt gewissermaßen die Welt auszublenden und auch ein positives Selbstwertgefühl zu entwickeln (zwangsläufig)…
      Jedenfalls danke für deinen lieben Kommentar, hat mich wahnsinnig gefreut!

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