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Layering is always a huge topic during the cold months but layering a dress over a shirt wasn’t that popular since the end of the 90s.

Anyway: it’s back and I’m happy about it because it gives you a big amount of opportunities to put together a wonderful diversity of looks and wear your favourite summer dresses during winter time. Even tough the dress in the shown look isn’t as summery as it may be the fact that this kind of layering is a great way to put together all our beloved pieces in one look still remains.

A few tips to create a wonderful layering look like this one, are

1.Choose a narrow, tight pullover or shirt which has preferably a high collar just like a turtleneck. Give your look a feminine wisp with a delicate white laced blouse or decide for an all clean variation with a basic black turtleneck.

2. Go for a strappy or a v-neck version when choosing the dress. It’s unimportant if the dress has a floral pattern, a lace detail or is just plain. The combination of step one and two does the trick… 😉

3. Play with accessories. The look has already a playful base, so go on: build onto it! Sunglasses, a tiny choker, funny bags or a wild hairdo are your best friends, but keep in mind to keep it authentic.

4. It doesn’t matter wheater you want to go all streetstyle and 100-percent 90s with a pair of adidas superstars or you decide to wear a grown-up version of the 90s-kid illusion with a great pair of sock boots – this look is definitly for everyone.

5. Last but not least: have fun! Be creative, try some variations! I assure you it’s going to be fun! ☺

If you want to buy my wonderful green v-neck dress which feels heavenly soft and is a bit like suede when touching it visit and enter the code “Katharina377” while checkout – you won’t regret it!

Have a lovely week!

xoxo ♥




BAG: Topshop

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lookbook-vipme-dress-over-shirt-90s-streetstyle-autumn-winter-vneck-dress-crossbodybag-lace-blouse-details-1lookbook-vipme-dress-over-shirt-90s-streetstyle-autumn-winter-vneck-dress-crossbodybag-lace-blouse-sockboots-3 lookbook-vipme-dress-over-shirt-90s-streetstyle-autumn-winter-vneck-dress-crossbodybag-lace-blouse-details-3lookbook-vipme-dress-over-shirt-90s-streetstyle-autumn-winter-vneck-dress-crossbodybag-lace-blouse-sockboots-1 lookbook-vipme-dress-over-shirt-90s-streetstyle-autumn-winter-vneck-dress-crossbodybag-lace-blouse-sockboots-4





  1. December 1, 2016 / 11:47 pm

    The little lace layer is perfect, I am so obsessed with layering lace lately and you nailed it! Your posts are always so amazing, don’t stop doing what you do pretty lady! x

  2. November 28, 2016 / 5:04 pm

    What an amazing look my dear Katharina! I am totally obsessed with it and the fine layering and styling you have created here! I was really thinking if I could wear a white pantyhose like this and how it would look on a similar look, and you totally solved my question! The way you wear it is spectacular! And the color of that dress! Ahh I don;t know where to start and where to end here! You are such an inspiration my dear, thank you so much for sharing all these amazing looks!
    Have a great start to the week!

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