The Glen-Plaid Coat




As you may have noticed via Instagram it was pretty silent during the last days, which has mostly to do with two things:

1 – Time

2 – Change

About no. 1: My life is characterized by many up’s and down’s when it comes to time management. Sometimes I get bored and I don’t like boredom at all so I start to drown myself in different projects starting something new here and adding a new point on the scheduele there and after a few weeks I find myself drowned by all the different things I have to do and don’t know where to start after all. But don’t worry about it: I think I need that kind of stress in my life. I’m more a workoholic than a couchpotato and I really love what I do, but I don’t like when my blog has to be afflicted with this… 🙁

What about you? Workoholic or couchpotato?

About no. 2: Changes. Everything changes: people change, seasons change and I change my clothes three times a day, but that’s not the point here! 😀

I made some changes to my blogger equipement on form of a new camera and I had to wait a few days until it finally made it’s way to my beloved arms and new home. My new baby is called Fritzl, which was the nickname for german philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche by his mum. Don’t worry about me or my mental condition: all my electronic devices have names… 😀

(The old camera was named Gustl and my vacuum cleaner answers to the name of Eckbert)

So there you go: I hope you like the result of my new high-def photos! ♄


Polka dots, paisley, tartan or pepita – patterns are always en vogue.

So as I saw all those wonderful Prince-Of-Wales-checkered jackets hanging in different stores in Munich I was absolutly delighted.

The so called glen plaid is a combination of smaller and lager checks: in this case it’s the combo of houndstooth patterns of different sizes and fine red lines which divide those two from eachother. If you ask me this is perfection.

I’m not that into patterns. I like things more plain and clean, but for this trend I have to make an exception.

Glen plaid is really elegant and mostly been used for men’s wear ever since, which is one more reason why you should add this pattern to your wardrobe: it’s your chance to make a statement as an independent woman and showing the men out there how to put together a great look wearing it! 😉  😀

Even tough I don’t like to draw straight lines between anything I think all things have their origin in something and this applies to fashion also.

The whole outfit is an alternation of women’s and men’s wear and takes the best things from Venus and Mars:

blouse and bag – ♀, coat and shoes – ♂.

So what about you? Do you “borrow from the boys”? â˜ș

Have a lovely day,

Btw: If you want to buy the exact same coat click here 😉


lookbook-houndstooth-patterned-coat-checkered-coat-ruffle-blouse-zara-sheinside-hm-streetstyle-details-autumn-winter-7lookbook-houndstooth-patterned-coat-checkered-coat-ruffle-blouse-zara-sheinside-hm-streetstyle-autumn-winter-1lookbook-houndstooth-patterned-coat-checkered-coat-ruffle-blouse-zara-sheinside-hm-streetstyle-details-autumn-winter-2lookbook-houndstooth-patterned-coat-checkered-coat-ruffle-blouse-zara-sheinside-hm-streetstyle-details-autumn-winter-3lookbook-houndstooth-patterned-coat-checkered-coat-ruffle-blouse-zara-sheinside-hm-streetstyle-autumn-winter-3 lookbook-houndstooth-patterned-coat-checkered-coat-ruffle-blouse-zara-sheinside-hm-streetstyle-details-autumn-winter-6lookbook-houndstooth-patterned-coat-checkered-coat-ruffle-blouse-zara-sheinside-hm-streetstyle-details-autumn-winter-4



  1. December 27, 2016 / 12:11 pm

    Dieses Outfit liebe ich besonders gut, es ist eins der Lieblingsoutfits aus der letzten Zeit von dir. Der Karomantel und die weiße Bluse sehen top edel und sehr stylisch aus. Die rote Tasche macht es noch interessanter und rundet den Look optimal ab. Wie eine Kirsche auf der Torte. Perfektion fĂŒr mich.
    Gruß, Martina

  2. December 12, 2016 / 6:49 pm

    My dear Katharina, you look breathtaking once again! Your style is GOALS! You inspire me and so many out there with your amazing sense of style! I love houndstooth print and I could never imagine it worn so so cool like you did! Fantastic work! You make me want to reinvent some houndstooth jackets that have been sitting forever in the back of my closet! Love the pop of red and your beauty is extraordinary! I am showing your photos on instagram to my fiancé and he says too that you loom like an actress from the 20s!! Ah so much inspired by you!
    Thank you so much my dear and have an amazing week!
    Much love,

  3. December 9, 2016 / 8:57 am

    You look amazing as always girl! Love the coat on you 🙂 x

  4. December 5, 2016 / 7:54 pm

    Oh du hĂŒbsche Maus!! Meine liebe Katharina – du triffst mal wieder den Styling-Nagel auf den Kopf!!
    Dein Outfit gefĂ€llt mir super gut, ganz besonders dieser ultra-lĂ€ssige Mantel hat es mir angetan! 🙂
    Ich bin eigentlich kein allzu großer Fan von MĂ€nnerklamotten, denn ich fĂŒr meinen Teil sehe darin schnell unförmig aus. 😛
    Aber bei dir liebe ich diese “Genderpicking”-Mode (nennt man das nicht so?) sehr!!
    Du hast einen so ausgefallenen, besonderen Look den ich wirklich sehr gerne mag und sehr gerne angucke! <3

    Allerliebste GrĂŒĂŸe,

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