The Pajama Suit



lookbook-kenzoxhm-kenzo-hm-pajama-suit-balmain-bag-fauxfur-streetstyle-details-autumn-winter-1 lookbook-kenzoxhm-kenzo-hm-pajama-suit-balmain-bag-fauxfur-streetstyle-autumn-winter-3lookbook-kenzoxhm-kenzo-hm-pajama-suit-balmain-bag-fauxfur-streetstyle-autumn-winter-5


Wake Up. Make coffee. Wash your face. Brush your teeth. Make up. Lipstick on. Grab your bag. Leave the house.

Ready, set, go.

Sounds like the everday morning routine.

Wait! What?! 😮

You haven’t changed yet?

Don’t worry about it! The new pajama trend makes going outside your house without changing your clothes possible! 😉

Isn’t it a dream come true?

Honestly: I love pajamas and there is nothing better than the feeling of wearing this coziness all sunday long – at least until now…because:

Last week I stepped out of my flat wearing nothing but this great Kenzo x H&M pajama suit and it felt unbelievable nice!

Have you tried it yet?

It’s like taking a part of your home and bed with you all day long, which sounds like a wonderful idea, don’t you agree?

 In the morning I went to a lecture at my university, after that I met with my gorgeous friend Rafia (@lastnamegoddess) who took the beautiful photos of the look and went to work right after – all in my “jammies” 😀 .

A few years ago I was indignant at people going out in their joggers to the next grociery store. I thought to myself that I think you owe yourself and the people around you some respect to dress in something more appropriate than that (at least).

But you know what? Even tough I still think it’s quite not worth discussing the issue in a fashion related content yet I have to admit that it’s really comfy to go out in your homewear…

I combined the suit with bright red sandals and my faux-fur jacket and bag from H&Ms last year’s collab with Balmain.

How do you like the new trend?

Would you go outside like that?

To be honest: it was a little bit of an overcoming 😉

Have a wonderful week, my dears! ♥

Lots of love,

Btw: did you noticed that Rafia wore a pajama blazer that day? How cool is that? ☺




lookbook-kenzoxhm-kenzo-hm-pajama-suit-balmain-bag-fauxfur-streetstyle-autumn-winter-1-kopie lookbook-kenzoxhm-kenzo-hm-pajama-suit-balmain-bag-fauxfur-streetstyle-autumn-winter-2-kopie lookbook-kenzoxhm-kenzo-hm-pajama-suit-balmain-bag-fauxfur-streetstyle-details-autumn-winter-3-kopie lookbook-kenzoxhm-kenzo-hm-pajama-suit-balmain-bag-fauxfur-streetstyle-details-autumn-winter-4-kopie img_4695-2lookbook-kenzoxhm-kenzo-hm-pajama-suit-balmain-fauxfur-streetstyle-details-autumn-winter-4-kopie




  1. July 14, 2017 / 8:34 pm

    Great site and post! Keep up the good work!

  2. November 21, 2016 / 5:35 pm

    I adore the pyjama trend and this look particularly my darling Katharina! I always have bene dreaming of the day when we will all be able to get out with my pyjamas and that season finally came haha! I even went to work this summer with all white pyjama ensembles. This kenzo hm ensemble is pure perfection, if I had to choose one piece from this collection for you, that would be it! And with your styling, you took it to heaven! Love the bag from the previous collection too,looks like vintage and you know how much I love vintage items! 😀
    You always inspire me my dear Katharina! Thank you so much for one amazing outfit and hope you are having an amazing start to the week darling!

  3. November 20, 2016 / 5:53 pm

    Ein grandioser Look, liebe Katharina!!
    Ich liiiiiiebe ihn an dir!! <3
    Selbst habe ich (leider) noch nie mit dem Gedanken gespielt im Pyjama aus dem Haus zu gehen. Im Gegenteil: In mir kommt eher immer Panik hoch, dass ich vergessen haben könnte irgendein Pyjama-Teil auszuziehen und dann so in die Arbeit muss. 🙂
    Wobei ich gestehen muss, dass dein Balmain-Traum definitiv alltagstauglich ist. Vor allem in Kombination mit diesen genialen Heels und der wunderschönen Tasche!
    Gefällt mir sehr gut!! 🙂

    Viele liebe Grüße,

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