The Pink Coat.

Girlish, naive, childlike.

While thinking about the color pink such terms might come to your mind and honestly: it’s no suprise. Over decades the color pink suffered from it’s bad image.

Pink – that was something you wore as a little girl or even more specific as the little girl per se:  the one with the room full of horse posters and glittery stickers, the one which loved to play with barbie and which was neat and tidy and wouldn’t get dirty while playing outside. Pink was somehow antiquated, old. It was like a dirty word, something you use when you are really frustrated but won’t be associated with.

It’s sad how many stereotypes you may have in mind when thinking about certain terms but sometimes education, enviroment and parenting leed to such misconceptions and we carry those with us over years…

So this season something phenomenal happend: pink was back.

After years of banishment woman all over the world decided to lift the ban and let pink reign their wardrobes again and it has a lot to do with the new image of pink which was brought to us (mainly) by Gucci designer Alessandro Michele. For the Gucci SS17 fashionshow in Mailand he decided to bathe the whole setting in pink. The collection goes from pink ruffled suits and broad leather belts to elfish tops in combination with sporty pants. The confidence which lays between all those fabrics and stiches creates a whole new perception of pink. Somehow you start to see the color with new eyes and to see the poetry which lays behind this all.

Pink is an attitude, a statement. Pink shows you as a sensitive but strong and confident woman.

First of all I was sceptic. I couldn’t imagine myself wearing pink but once you come over yourself and the “bad reputation” you fall into it and you fall deeply in love with the color.

To be honest: there wasn’t any pink in my wardrobe until I realized that there were so many wonderful pink colored pieces out there in the world which were like waiting for me all along. The coat was the first one, then came the pullover and it didn’t take long until the sandals made their way into my heart and home (and there is new pink stuff already on it’s way to me! 😀 ).

So if you see me wearing a lot of pink during the next months – #sorrynotsorry #truelove . ♥



GLOVES: H&M x Kenzo


BAG: Zara


SHOES: andotherstories



  1. saim
    December 28, 2016 / 8:05 am

    Totally loving your pink coat!love this post:-)

  2. December 21, 2016 / 11:11 am

    What a phenomenal look my dear Katharina! Unfortunately I didn’t find these amazing gloves on the day the collection was launched but I am happy you got them! Totally your style! I am obsessed with your pink velvet heels and coat though! You are so right, this Gucci collection is spectacular and I want to incorporate more pink in my wardrobe and style too!
    You look breathtaking sweetie! Thank you so much for one more inspirational look and wishing you happy holidays to you and your family!!

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