Winter Blues


2016 just ended and here we are now: 2017. Wow.

One year ago I launched this page and I can’t believe it’s this long ago. It still seems like yesterday to me…

2016 was a pretty busy year. So many things went wrong and even more things went right, but also in a worldwide context the year wasn’t that great. I have to say I’m somehow relieved that 2016 is over even tough I don’t know what 2017 keeps up for me and for every single one of us. But sometimes a fresh start, an unkown future is better than the things you already know with all the bad descisions and mistakes made…

But hey! Let’s just focus on the positive things which happend in 2016 from now on and end the year with those things in our mind which went well (for me and also for you!).

A short list of things which made my year pretty good:

  1. The blog. The blog really means a lot to me. I know, I’m posting only once a week and sometimes it’s a lot of hard work to do but in the end I’m always happy about having this little space for my thoughts and my creativity and it’s even better since you are delighting my day with your support and love. Thanks a lot for making this possible and to encourage me to keep it going! ♥
  2. My flat. Last year my landlord passed away and his heirs wanted to sell the house where my old flat was in. So Kai and I were struggeling over months to find a new apartement in Munich which was affordable and big enough for us (it’s not that easy in Munich, people are always complaining about the living prices here…) and finally found one with a lovely landlord, which is in our price class and even bigger than the old one (I have more space for my clothes! 😀  ). So even tough it looked bad for us in the beginnig the outcome was great!
  3. My new university course. Until the summer of 2016 I had only one study path – arts. After having lots of trouble and difficulties with the people there and a lot of painful lessons learned, I decided I need more than one study path to keep myself balanced. So I did a screening for philosophy, which went well and started studying in two majors disciplines now, which was one of the best descisions ever. I’m really happy now although I have less spare time! ☺
  4. My nephew. 2016 was a wonderful year for me, because: I became auntie for the first time! Yay! I couldn’t be happier about it and I’m so in love with this little baby boy! Life is precious and wonderful. Keep this in mind! ♥
  5. My family and friends. I know this one is so boring…everyone writes about it. But even tough it’s somehow outworn I have to write about this topic here as well. Sometimes we forget about saying and showing thankfulness to the ones we love and we take everything for granted. But it’s not naturally that there are people around you who love and support you no matter what. So take a moment to go into yourselves and think about the ones who helped you through your miseries and made you laugh over the last year. Show them your love as often as you possibily can. You only live once. At least maybe. And as you don’t know if you have another chance in another life, time and space, you should appreciate the things and people you have and focusing on those instead of wandering through the world with your eyes closed.

I’m suffering from winter blues.

Winter finally arrived with all it’s cold, so I’m permanently searching for warm pieces which fit into my wardrobe (which isn’t that easy because I’m not that into winter fashion 😀 ). So as I saw this coat it was quite a relief because I was looking for a long and stylish one which would fit perfectly with the most things in my wardrobe. I combined it with a wonderful pleated velvet culotte by Topshop (which seems to be a thing for me right now, as you have seen me wearing a pleated velvet skirt in the last look) and a black velvet body by H&M.

Yes. Shame on me. I’m talking about real winter clothing here and while looking at the photos you had to realize that I’m a rebell when it comes to the cold season: I’m wearing mules! But I couldn’t help myself…those teamed up so pretty with the culotte! 😀

Nevermind, my dears.

Have a wonderful start into 2017! May you all be blessed with love, joy and health! ♥♥♥





  1. Acton
    February 1, 2017 / 2:12 pm

    That coat is beautiful and simple… I would wear it

  2. January 8, 2017 / 6:17 pm

    Oh my goodness, blue at its best! What a spectacular look my dear Katharina! I love every single detail, head to toe perfection! The mix of different textures and style here was the key to success for this monochrome look and I really could not imagine it any better than this! Your mules are such a find, and love your hat too! Thank you for such a great inspiration my darling! Have a great start to the week!

  3. saim
    January 6, 2017 / 12:27 pm

    This dress looks great on you and fits your figure perfectly…

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