The Long Bomber

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DRESS: Zara TOP: &ohersories BOMBER: Zara BAG: Liebeskind Berlin SHOES: H&M SUNGLASSES: H&M Conscious Exclusive 2016 SOCKS:  H&M Studio Collection AW 15  JEWELRY: H&M, &otherstories

Peeps! My laptop’s broken! 🙁

It’s very difficult for me at the moment to write blog entries because my keyboard won’t work anymore and I’m writing this using my on-screen keyboard (for realsies!!!) and this is the reason why I’m only able to write a small entry today… 🙁

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I hope that I’m able to afford a new one soon and everything’s getting back to normal.

So. I made it to line five. Yay! Jk. 😀

Today’s post is dedicated to this year’s trend colours.

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Serenity and rosequartz.

I was always pretty fond of pastel colours, but seeing all these soft rosé and blue colored items hanging in stores just made my heart skip a beat and my wallet getting emptier with every shop. Candy colours always remind me of the evening sky – when the sun is about to set and night kisses the day goodbye and all the fluffy clouds are coloured in lovely pink in front of a blue background which turns darker with every second…


IMG_6178 (2)-3

To be short and less poetic: it’s damn beautiful!!! ♥ 😉

To come to an conclusion: I think both colours look the best if you combine ’em so I did my very best to mix the two of them together in one look.


IMG_6120 (2)-3

IMG_6252 (2)-3

IMG_6223 (2)-3

IMG_6249 (2)-3


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