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Imagine you have five hours.

Five hours to do whatever you want, to go wherever you like.

You wouldn’t have to worry about money, rules, society. Everyday there are so many borders which we keep up or which society keeps up for us. So many borders between countries, so many borders which we builded for ourselves inside our heads just to keep life simple and straight.

Imagine you have five hours to put away all the borders around you and inside your head and you would have to had the possibility to¬†just be yourself. Without all the content, without all the things which you’ve been carrying around for your whole life. Just imagine what kind of person you would like to be for these five hours.



Where would you go? Who would you like to meet? What would you like to say, what would you like to do?

Is there a you without all the content? What would you think, which emotions would you have?

Girls (and of course Boys! ūüėČ ) just wanna have fun, but sometimes¬†our daily routine keeps us down instead of pushing us way up in the sky.

I’ve been asking many of these questions¬†myself and it’s very scary when you finally realize how¬†stereotyped our whole thinking is. I consider myself as pretty open-minded but nobody can escape the patterns of thinking which you learned since you were a child. It’s easier to think in these bounderies, than breaking free and testing things¬†out.




People love. People live. People laugh. And people hate, discriminate, kill.

All these sentences sound great naive and they are kind of, but it often makes me really sad that we still have to worry about how others may think who we are.

It took me years to come to a¬†point where¬†I can tell you now with all my heart that I finally found myself and I’m happy with me. Of course I don’t like me everyday as well and I don’t like all about me, but I am¬†myself now and I really love what I do in my everyday life.

Are you happy with yourself? Do you often feel like society and you yourself puts you into thinking in patterns?

Have a lovely day! ‚ô•



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