The Tulle Skirt


SUNGLASSES: &otherstories PULLOVER: Vintage BELT: H&M SKIRT: Chi Chi London BAG: H&M JEWELRY: H&M, &otherstories SHOES: Zara

A long, long time ago in a faraway land a girl found her perfect skirt brought to her by Chi Chi London. The skirt was the ultimate piece for her as a tulle lover. Everytime she was putting it on she felt like a fluffy tasty meringue chantilly… ♥ ☺

And this is how my fairy tale starts.




As a child I wasn’t girlish at all and I never dreamed about being a ballerina (or anything comperable), but the older I become the more I appreciate feminine pieces.

I developed a lot during my childhood and youth when we talk about fashion. As a child I was a tomboy. I didn’t wanted to be a princess, hairdresser, veterinarian or anything like that, I wanted to be a carpenter like my dad was. I wore green dungarees with blue gumboots and I didn’t wanted to have my hair done. My hairstyle was wild and curly just like I was and so my family gave me the nickname “Locke” which is like “curl” or “lock” in English.




The beginnig of puberty made me try to dress more like Jennifer Lopez in the “Jenny from the Block” video only with adding my 90ies childhood favourites: tattoo collars.
As the end of the 2000’s was in sight I became more radical. It started with a Nirvana song and ended up with me listening to Emo, Punk, Screamo. I bought tartan pants (I still love tartan! ♥ ) and band shirts and I dyed my hair black (sometimes with a few colourful highlights), my eyeshadow was darker than the night and you wouldn’t have met me without my studded belt. A consequence of all my rebellion was that I cutted off my long wavy black hair from 90 to 20 centimeters (and it felt great (at least at this moment 😀 )).

With the end of my teenage years I became more and more fashionable but I was still experimenting and not so sure about myself. After a trip to London which I made with my beloved sister right away after my Abitur (German for high-school diploma or a-levels) were I discovered Topshop and Miss Selfridge at Oxford Circus, I had found a new inspiration and hobby: Fashion.


When I’m looking at me now (♫ ♪ take a look at me nooohoow…thank you, Mr. Phil Collins! 😀 ) and I am compering me at the moment to older images of myself I can’t believe how many different Katharina’s the people around me have seen over the years…

I’m pretty sure, everybody of you have their own story about how you became yourself (complicated sentence, I hope you get the message 😉 ).

I would love to hear them all if you would like to share them with me!

Thanks for reading!

Have a lovely day!



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