How to live La Dolce Vita (Gamiss Review)


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“I need an island”, Maddalena proposes.
“Buy one”, Marcello responds.
“I’ve thought of it. But would I stay on it?”



You don’t have to fly for hours to lay at a beach with a disastrous jet lag to relax from your day-to-day life… this is why today’s post is dedicated to livin’ La Dolce Vita.

As someone who lives in a city which is full of classical historic buildings and tries to spend the first days of summer in the city I’m trying to give you some funny basic tips how you are able to enjoy the sweet life during the summer months.


H A V E   F U N !

Don’t underestimate this point!

Most of the time we are so absorbed in our daily life that we literally forget about the little joys in life: To watch the sun set over the buildings you pass by everyday, to feel the fresh evening breeze after a long sweatful day, to enjoy the flowers fully in bloom growing on the traffic island you drive by daily,.. . Just sit back, relax for one second and be aware of the beauty around you. Because based on Ella Fitzgerald…

Summertiiiiiiiiiiime and the livin’ is easyyyyyy. Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is hiiiiigh. Yoooooour daddy’s rich and your ma is good lookin’ …Soooo hush, little baby, baby, doooohoooohon’t you cry !  ♫♪♫ 😀


E A T   I C E C R E A M ! (like…a lot!)

What spreads more italian summer feelings than enjoying some cold iceream in the midday heat? – Right! Nothing! If you are trying to keep your bikini figure…nah…don’t worry about it! A few scoops never hurt nobody!

If you are in Munich: check out an icecream shop called “Der verrückte Eismacher” (which can be translated to “the mad icemaker” referring to “Alice in Wonderland”). You won’t be disappointed – I swear! 😉


G O   T O   T H E   P A R K !

Sometimes when someone’s talking about going to a park all what comes to your mind is the word “boring”. But if you ask me it’s important to escape from all the hurly-burly your life can be and to go to a place where nature is letting you take a deep breath of freedom. Because that’s what parks are about: to feel carfree. So sit on a picnic blanket and eat some fruits with your beloved ones, play some badminton, make a little grill session on a hibachi or just walk through the rich green pastures, while listening to your favourite music.


R E V I V E   T H E   C O C K T A I L   H O U R !

People started to seperate the food question from the drinking question. But why, if you can have both? The next time you meet somebody, please do me a favour and revive the cocktail hour!

Doesn’t it sound great to drink cocktails while eating dinner? Yes it does. So go for it!

Go to a great resteraunt you like (maybe with Italian food? 😉 ) and sit on the outside.

Have a good talk about poetry, the meaning of life (which is 42 – of course! 😀 ) and drink some freshly mixed cocktails while your dinner is being served. The later the hour the deeper the talk… 😉


G O   S W I M M I N G !

If wearing a touch of nothing while being outside doesn’t give you a summery feeling then you are a lost soul, my child. So don’t think about your shape too much and just grab your towel and swimwear and make your way to the next swimming pool, sea, creek or lake. The cool water washes away the heavy summer heat within seconds and leaves you behind with a laied-back easiness (which will also act like a great accessory to your look! 😉 ) the Dolce Vita is about.

I hope you had fun reading this post! ♥







  1. Mom
    July 24, 2016 / 9:33 pm

    You’re right my dear!😙

    • ultrvlnc
      July 24, 2016 / 9:35 pm

      Hihi 😀 ♥

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