Mix and Match – Comfy Chic

Mix and Match. Mix and Match. Mix and Match.

You know I’m a vegetarian (and try to become more and more vegan) but although I think it’s not okay to bottle animals up in a cage I couldn’t resist and visited the Zoo with my boyfriend the other day.

I really love animals. Animals are so beautiful inside-out and it’s also important to know where we come from. To see what connects us with the other creatures which inhabit this planet.

 It’s a very delicate and ethical question if we as the human species  should be allowed to hold animals for our own amusement (and education).

But I don’t want to start a philosophical discussion here. Rather I want to share the look with you which I wore on that certain day. 

Sometimes a chic look can also be downgraded with comfy pieces. And I think it’s a good thing to mix and match chic and cool.

In this special case I decided to wear more glamours and art-deco pieces for the top part of my look.

But can you tell what’s the comfy garment of this look?

Maybe you got it right: it’s the shoes! Since I’ve discovered my passion for sneakers a few years ago I can’t imagine living without them anymore. Before that I couldn’t even think about wearing a shoe all day long without hurting feet in the evening. And of course you know as much as I do that walking through a zoo, museum or making a weekend city trip puts weight onto your feet. 

The perfect solution for issues like that are my beloved chunky, mint-colored Nike Air Max 95.

What are your fav’ sneakers?

Hope you enjoyed reading this post,

Sunglasses. ILYmix.

Jewelry. ST’ATOUR.

Blouse. H&M Studio AW17.

Bag. No. 21.

Skirt. H&M Studio SS18.

Shoes. Nike Air Max 95.


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  1. August 24, 2018 / 1:03 pm

    Wow toller Look & die Kulisse past einfach mal mega dazu!
    Und ich liebe den Bruch mit den Sneakern 😉



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