Monochrome: Lace Pants Edition


I love creating tone-on-tone looks.

It’s simple yet effective to stay in one shade. And you can’t go wrong with combinations like these! 😉

Black and white monochromatic looks are maybe the easiest ever but they are for good.

Everyone looks wonderful in a BW look: it’s simple, cool and super chic all at once.

A colleague of mine told me a few days ago that black and white looks are still his favorite. And honestly I can somehow relate to this statement.

Looking through my closet I have a lot of white and even more black pieces.

Both “colors” are great to build a base for every possible look but in combination they are really strong.Coco Chanel once said and how could you not agree with that quote?

Sometimes the simplest ideas are also the best.

Even though the pieces I combined are somehow statement ones I still think that the color effect makes most of the impact.

I’m wearing a H&M flared lace pants with a ruffled blouse by Zara in combination with pearl mules by Topshop.

The bag and sunnies are also by H&M.

What is your favorite color combination?

Lots of love!




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