My personal Stress Killers

Last weeks’ post was all about how stressed I feel, so I thought it would be nice to share my personal stress killers with you.

It’s super important to take care of your body as much as you take care of your soul. By saying “taking care” I don’t mean that you should eat as much ice cream as you possible can, but treating your body as it wants to be treated. And I really believe that if you treat both right you’ll feel as snug as a bug in a rug.

I’ve learned very late in my life that sports isn’t bad for you. Every time I was forced to do some workouts in school I was ill. By accident of course 😉

But now that I’m older and wiser I decided by choice to work out about three times a week.

As you know I’m always very busy, so I don’t want to take some time to drive to the next gym. Behind our apartment is a wonderful park but also an open conservation area. And there is nothing as beautiful than jogging through nature like this.

So I’m putting my ear buds in and start running in my jogging gear . By the way: if you are looking for good workout clothes I highly recommend you to check out this website

The first steps are always the hardest but after a few times of training the movement feels wonderful. The feeling of happiness afterwards is totally worth the effort (and don’t forget that you can eat more ice cream than before!).

What I also do to calm down a bit from the hectic everyday life is to meditate. Although I couldn’t assemble it to my daily life as I’d like to (it’s recommended to practice on a daily basis to feel some effects in the long-term) I try to do it as often as I can. And even though it’s sounds super easy it isn’t somehow. All you do is sit and listen to your breath. No thoughts allowed.

For someone like me who is always afraid about missing things and not having enough time it’s really hard not to think. But I really believe in the power of awareness. I could also see some first results: I was ever since afraid of holding lectures in front of my fellow students, but since I’m meditating it disappeared. 

So if you’re interested in doing the same: Take some time (even if it’s only 15 minutes per day) to do nothing but breathing. Sit upright and if there comes a thought to your mind approve it but let it pass.

What do you do to reduce stress?


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