Nothing is like it seems

Another day, another Instagram post.

But I think I haven’t said enough about it yet. Some thoughts are enfolding their selves like flowers. Every single leaf shows itself step by step until it’s all open to see what’s hiding inside.

What I had buried in my mind in uncontrolled and unconnected shreds finally became a whole thought: 

Nothing is like it seems.

Vero came up this week and it was called the new Instagram. After having server problems 24/7 and the revelations of the people behind the app it’s time to kiss the vision of a better social platform goodbye. 

But have you ever thought about the real problems behind IG?

It’s not the algorithm. It’s the people. The permanent strain of being seen. The wish to live a perfect life. The fear of missing things. 

There are hundreds of accounts with the same editing. Which buy the exact same products. Which visit the same spots and travel to the same places. 

It’s fine. But it’s boring.

Where are all those wonderful and unique accounts with normal colored skies?

Where are all those deep thoughts and real insider tips where to buy and what to do?

I can tell you where you can find the magic.

It’s hidden for no one to be seen behind all the white flatlays and foil balloons. Somewhere at the end of your feed. 

Instagram isn’t fun anymore. It’s an ongoing race about the most likes, the highest follower counts and the best pink or orange colored edits.

Pressurized by the crowds the individual fails. Starts to feel unsure about it’s very own kind of story telling or gives up because it doesn’t get empowered.

What really touched me the most this week was the honest post by Masha Sedgwick who worked so hard and now feels burned out.

Is this what a social platform is meant to be?

It’s not social anymore. And it’s not about blogging, sharing and discovering.

By accident I stumbled upon this post by Hoard of Trends and I was shocked by the comments she received for wearing the new LV sneakers.

She was blamed that being a blogger isn’t a real job, that the shoes are unfeminine and so on. Although you don’t like something you don’t have to be rude. Maybe it’s your opinion but hurting someone wearing your internet mask isn’t the way to do so, right?

Thinking about Masha again, who wrote that she worked up to 80 hours a week, you can’t blame a person until you are walking in the same shoes.

It’s far beyond fun now. It’s a business, a company. 

Checking your phone every minute, thinking about things to buy which you don’t really need and watching other people living their lives (also not really, cause they are holding their phone while doing so) while you don’t?

It’s an advertisement. Your whole feed is one long ad. Which you check daily. Hourly. Maybe secondly. 

I’m part of it.

And as you can see it’s not easy for me. Although my account is very tiny it’s often debilitating.

And I’m asking myself lots of questions about it:

Am I buying something because I like it or because I’ve seen it somewhere else?

Am I really liking this feed and the person behind it?

Do I represent myself in a proper way?

I’m really hoping to slip through the nets of this huge network.

But I also know that I wanted to be like the huge IG accounts as well. That I had a white feed for so long and felt dissatisfied when something doesn’t look that perfect.

And I still get disaffected when my follower count drops and I don’t receive the likes I’m hoping for.

Sometimes during the evening hours while I’m watching a film with my boyfriend I catch myself looking at other peoples stories instead of enjoying the time.

It’s crazy, I know.

But it is as it is. 

I think the reason behind using social media is the wish to share. To connect. To be inspired. To collect ideas. But Instagram makes you sick over a long term. Longing for the things that aren’t meant to be yours. Searching the meaning behind everything that happens or doesn’t happen.

Doubting everything you do.

I just wanted to tell you if you feel the same it’s time to have a break. You are not going to miss a thing while you aren’t on your phone. 

I’m continuing to post during the morning but not being as active over the day anymore. And perhaps after a while it might start to afford me some pleasure again.

Thanks for reading this long post!

Lots of love,


Earrings: Lova & Rosie

Coat: H&M

Blouse: Zara

Bag: Sandro Paris

Pants: H&M

Shoes: H&M


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  1. March 13, 2018 / 12:14 pm

    I totally feel you darling. But fashion hell this is a job we applied for the minute we singed up for Instagram, Facebook and set up our blog. We are trapped in the Advertisement movie. By the way I love this outfit.

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