Once Upon a Time…

Once upon a time…

a girl found her prince charming. And surprisingly that girl was me.

I’ve never thought that I would find a love such as true and complete as ours. My boyfriend really means the whole world to me. And although you haven’t seen him that often so far, he does a lot to keep the blog going behind the scenes.

This time he wasn’t responsible for the photographs (which was Lauren Kief, if you are interested in her work) but for the text I’m sharing with you today. To celebrate that we made it to 10k on Instagram, my wonderful boyfriend wrote a few words about me. Hope you enjoy reading his perspective on who I am as a person.

My Girl

I have known Katharina since I was 12 years old and with that for almost half of my life. Therefore I find it difficult to tell something about my girl. It seems impossible for me to trace all those experiences and memories back to a point, where another person even begins to understand what she means to me. Just as children someday lose their sense of wonder, you would think that two human beings will eventually get used to one another, but I still marvel at her mere presence and every day I wonder a little more about this beautiful woman.

So where do I start?

Her Eyes

When I first saw Katharina‘s big brown eyes, they casted a spell on me: No matter what happened around me, I always had to follow those big brown eyes and their gaze in hope that they would meet mine soon. It took me some time to realize what made her eyes so vivid that they caught my whole attention and I still remember the spring day when I solved the mystery of her eyes. The light just fell perfectly on her face and revealed little yellow specks within those big brown eyes that made her gaze glow golden. Knowing this didn’t lessen the charm that Katharina’s eyes exude, on the contrary, it’s precisely these little details that give her look the warmth of a hearty hug.

Her Smile

It is said that the prettiest thing a woman can wear is her smile. Since Katharina and I laugh even about the most trivial things when we are together, she wears a smile almost all the time and that makes her the prettiest woman for me. Our insider jokes we laugh about are so “insider”, that I seriously wonder what other people make out of this strange discourse we’ve adopted after five years of relationship. They have to assume that we are crazy, but they usually just say something like “You two are a cute couple!”. It seems that being in love excuses such quirks and I’m glad to have a girlfriend with whom I can share these quirks and who always offers me her smile if I happen to have lost mine.

Her Soul

Since I’ve met Katharina I came to know the feeling of loneliness. Of course there were times when I was alone before that, but I actually never felt truly lonely in my life. It is only now that this person has entered my life, that I feel like something is missing if she is not there. Whether it’s the way she sometimes dances through our apartment or the way she sings softly to herself when she is occupied with something, her absence simply makes me feel incomplete. Although I’m not a very spiritual person, all of this makes me believe that we are soulmates, that somehow we are and always were connected. This is also reflected in the single word, with which most of our conversations are ending: Forever. And in those moments, when I utter this word, I can’t help myself but to forget that we are limited by our all too short lifes, because for a moment I’m convinced that our love goes beyond that and truly is forever.


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  1. July 2, 2018 / 7:26 pm

    Die Bilder und der Look sind ja der absolute Hammer :-*

    viele liebe Grüße
    Melanie / Goldzeitblog

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