One Piece, Two Looks

Have you ever planned a look and discovered accidentally that it could work in a second way as well?

I have. I had an outfit in mind which I wanted to shoot so badly. Just before leaving the house I threw on a grey sweater and realized that this look is also a great one.

So I decided to show you one piece and two looks.

The Base

The base of my two looks are my pants. I found those at Zara and it was love at first sight. Checkered patterns are perfect for autumn. As well as the colors. Light grey, red and brown make a perfect fall mix. Those remind me of autumn leaves, you too?

The pants are plain and simple but aren’t boring at all, so they make a wonderful outfit base.

The Variations

Look No. 1 – Grey sweater

Although this look wasn’t planned it turned out to be the better of the two (at least in my eyes ūüėȬ† ).

The other heart piece of the look is my new favorite wardrobe garment: a grey sweater by H&M.

It’s super warm, super cozy and looks utterly cool. The oversize cut is amazing and creates a wonderful modern silhouette.

I decided to give my look a french girl twist and topped it off with a cute black beret.

What both looks have in common besides the pants are the shoes and bag.

The white boots definitely are on top of my closet list right now and matched wonderfully with the pants.

And as you can tell the elephant bag is super cute which is why I love wearing it so much! ‚ô•

Look No. 2 – Puffy sleeves

I’m sure you know the following feeling.

You see a certain item and in this very moment you know you two are going to be a perfect match.

I had this when I rambled around the city and found this puffy sleeved sweater in H&Ms trend section.

I have to admit that although it’s kind of old-fashioned and always reminds me either of the eighties or Disney princesses I really like puffy sleeves.

Those are feminine, playful and always look somehow special.

So as I bought it I knew that this and the checkered pants going to be a wonderful couple.

I decided to make this look a bit cooler by adding the white sunnies to it.

Which look do you like better?

Do you agree with me and prefer the grey variation?

Would love to know!

Have a wonderful week,

PANTS: Zara (new)  | SWEATER (both): H&M (new)  | BERET: H&M (old) |  BOOTS: H&M | EARRINGS: Topshop | SUNNIES: Amazon | BAG: Garmiss






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