Paris – La Cité d’Amour

This August I was a lucky girl.

Because I traveled to

Paris. La Cité d’Amour.

I think it’s an every girls dream to visit Paris. Preferably more than once…a year, a month, a lifetime.

So it’s time to (finally) share my Paris travel diary with you! 🙂

DAY 1 – City strolls

Rafia and me arrived in the afternoon at our hotel: the Snob Hotel. It’s part of a wonderful hotel chain which is called “By Elegancia”. So if you are looking for a great stay in a special hotel with beautiful interior I highly recommend you to check out their page here.

The Snob Hotel is located in the first arrondissement of the city so you can easily discover parts of it by foot.

What we did right away after we left our luggage in our room.

The streets around the hotel are bustling and vibrant which is amazing. It’s so interesting to see the locals buzzing through the streets. There are loads of cafes, restaurants and shops.

We let ourselves drift by the things we saw and walked in the direction of the Seine. By accident we ended up in front of the Saint-Jacques Tower which is a super impressive building.

The rest of the day was uneventful except for a wonderful three-course menu with crêpes for desert 😉

DAY 2 -Versailles

It was never under consideration to visit Versailles.

As I’ve told you in this blog post I’m a huge fan of castles and palaces. Those places are pure magic.

And as I’m also impressed by Louis XIV megalomania and the life of Marie Antoinette I just had to see it for real.

The weather was hot and sunny as we drove to the castle. And of course I had something huge in mind before we went there.

So I dressed up in my long H&M Conscious Exclusive tulle skirt and a green top. It was way over the top but it should lead to something exciting. So read on 😉

Rafia and me bought our tickets (btw what we didn’t know and you should know: if you are under 26 and European citizen you can enjoy free entrance) and found ourselves in the longest line ever.

It took us about three hours to get inside the castle. And I got a sunburn while waiting outside. We tried to watch something on Netflix but it didn’t work out as expected. 😀

Anyways. The palace is unbelievable. The interior, the rich adornments, the wonderful artworks. It’s hard to put in words how impressive this castle is. And as always when being in places like this I feel tiny.

Humans built everything what you can see there. It’s unbelievable for me what people are able to do.

Which I liked the most about Versailles is the garden/park and of course the hall of mirrors.

The hall is beyond description. The huge windows, the chandeliers and old mirrors. Everything looks so unreal. As sun shined through the windows the play of shadows and light and the reflection in the mirror glass was perfect.

But as I’ve implied earlier in that text our Versailles trip shouldn’t end here.

I planned to do some shots for you guys in and around the castle. So Rafia started to take some pictures of me in front of a huge door. People stopped and starred and were super interested. Then a girl which was sitting on a bench near us with her dad arised with a big Canon in her hand. She asked if she was allowed to take some pictures as well. She told us that her name is Lauren, that she is from Canada and a photography student. Of course I said yes.

So she took photos. Dozends of photos. In the hall of mirrors, the stairway, on a balcony and also in the park.

This was such a magical and special moment!

I really can’t wait to share all those beautiful pictures she made with you in an extra post. ♥

DAY 3 – Louvre and the Eiffel Tower by Night

You know I’m an art lover.

So the Louvre was on the top of my list.

We had a wonderful breakfast in one of those beautiful french cafes near our hotel and made our way to the museum afterwards.

I was excited and delighted to see some of the worlds most famous and also important artworks there.

We started with an alternating exhibition about some Italian painters and went on to the Egyptian part of the building.

I have to admit that this part was quite funny, although I didn’t expect it to be. It’s super entertaining to walk through the rooms which are conceptualized as pyramids.

Afterwards we dedicated ourselves to ancient Greek and Roman statues. The myths and stories behind all these are wonderful. My favorite is the Greek goddess Athena. She is super smart, the mother of arts and also war. She seems to be such a strong and independent woman that she is a role model somehow.

Which is your hero when talking about Greek and Roman mythology? 😉

Leaving all my beloved gods, nymphs and fauns behind we made our way to the paintings.

Although I’m absolutely no fan of the Mona Lisa it was a personal matter to see her in real life.

I couldn’t believe how much of the attention she obtained. There was a huge crowd standing in a semicircle in front of a security woman which also stands in front of a bulletproof glass. And behind the glass and beyond the reflection of people you can see a tiny Mona Lisa smiling in your direction. She looks like she mocks the crowd in front of her thinking how stupid those people are. It’s only absurd.

But enough of my rage against this painting. You can see also other pretty important artworks in the rooms around Leonardo Da Vincis masterpiece. Just like “The Raft of the Medusa” or “Liberty Leading the People”. It really moved me to see those right in front of me.

The Louvre isn’t only beautiful on the inside.

Also the outside is super amazing. I could sit hours between the pyramids and old architecture while watching the beautiful fountains. The place in front of the museum is really crowded but also worth making a pause to take a deep breath.

We strolled through the Jardin des Tuileries afterwards and had a wonderful cold drink in the park.

What a great place this is to calm down and relax from discovering the frantic city.

At dusk we drove to the Eiffel tower. The light show is super pretty and really amazing.

Did you know that you aren’t allowed to post images of the Eiffel tower by night as the lightning is a copyrighted artwork?

Believe me – it’s true! 😉

DAY 4 – Eiffel Tower Part II and DIOR exhibition

Right after we woke up that day we went again to see the Eiffel tower by day. The building is beyond doubt amazing and also the area around the landmark is super cool.

That day we did the shots in front of the carousel which you’ve seen in that post.

Those are, despite the Versailles shots, the most amazing from our trip.

The second part of our day was set aside for the DIOR exhibition which was also one of my highlights in Paris.

I’ve wrote an extensive blog post about it here.

Even as it seems like I’ve almost posted everything from that day in my earlier texts I’m sharing some new images from that day below.

DAY 5 – Stories

Maybe you already know the “Stories” section in my travel posts.

Here I’m telling you a little funny or interesting story about my trip.

The first story is the one with Lauren.

The second is the following.

It was our last day in Paris and we wanted to have a wonderful breakfast outside the hotel.

Since day two we were passing by a cafe called “Carpe Diem” daily.

It was always closed, although the rating on Google was good and it should have been opend.

The joke arose that the owner of the cafe lives true to the motto carpe diem.

Always having fun somewhere else, never working. Just doing his stuff.

We strolled through the first arrondissement to make some pictures before leaving.

After we finished the session we were both hungry and made an astounding discovey: the cafe was openend!

Of course we went there right away.

And you know what? The guy who waited on us was the serenest person ever. He asked us if we would like to have croissants or pain au chocolate and after we gave him our answers he went to the bakery around the corner. 😀

But: the breakfast was the best we had during our stay in Paris!


#1. Don’t buy day tickets. Those are really don’t worth the money. It’s much cheaper to go from A to B by single tickets.

#2. If you are under 26 and from the EU: make sure you don’t miss the benefits. Nearly every museum has a discount or free entrance for young Europeans or students. We visited the Louvre for free! 😉

#3. Make me happy and visit the Season Paris. It’s a cafe with the most instagramable food. I would have loved to go there but sadly it was closed all along.

#4. Visit one of the rooftop bars. The roofs of the city are amazing and the view is unbelievable. We went to the “Le Perchoir Marais” bar.

If you have any tips and tricks for the next time I’m visiting Paris let me know.

I would love to hear and read all your recommendations!

Hope you enjoyed reading this article.

Lots of love,



  1. November 13, 2017 / 10:42 am

    Die Bilder sind ja großartig und ich war leider bis jetzt noch nie in Paris, aber ich will irgendwann mal unbedingt hin :-*

    viele liebe Grüße
    Melanie /

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