Postcards from Athens

I’ve already told you in my previous blog post that I’m really into mythology. Mystical places attract me like no others. And the best story tellers of them all are the Greeks (for sure!). So it was only a matter of time. Not if I was going to Greece but when. So if you’ve never been to Athens or Greece in general, I can tell you one thing for sure: this country is going to get your heart.

The people are really friendly and welcoming, the architecture is so overwhelmingly beautiful and not to mention the best food ever. 

Athens amazed me right from the beginning. The very first moment I made my first footsteps on the streets Aristotle might have walked I knew this city is perfect. It was at the end of March but the air was already warm. And the mix of old and new buildings, of streets with wonderful orange trees here and there and signs of art everywhere – you could really feel that this city has a story to tell. Just like the old fellows did a few decades back. It’s like this place is meant to tell stories. Old and new.

Although we only stayed three nights in Athens we tried to do as much as possible. And I’d really like to share with you what I’ve learned.

First things first: our hotel. We decided to book an apartment in the 47 Luxury Suits. And it was really what the name implies – luxurious. We had two floors, two bathrooms, a little backyard with a lovely sitting area and an outdoor shower! What’s also worth mentioning is that they have a roof top garden with a Jacuzzi and view on the Acropolis. One word: wow.

Of course we did the typical things you do when you’re in Athens (like visiting the Acropolis) but we also went to the tiniest museum ever where they showed old Greek tools or discovered a secret old church, which seemed to be abandoned.  I think my favorite thing was to do a little boat trip to one of the islands around. Here we could discover a total different Greece as the one we’d seen the days before in Athens. The island Agistri was like…empty. But so beautiful! We shot two editorials here (the one by the wracked car and the other one by the sea) and had a great dinner with view on the endless blue afterwards.

The most adventurous thing we did might be to walk up the Mount Lycabettus. Maybe it’s not that exciting when you walk up on regular paths but Rafia and I ended up in the middle of nowhere and walked on the smallest paths along a canyon and through a forest to get there. But in the end we made it. And the view on Athens and the sea from up there is amazing. We wanted to watch the sunset there but unfortunately it started raining (which also looked amazing because you could see all these huge clouds making there way above the city). By the way: there is also a lovely chapel and a restaurant up there (although we didn’t eat there). For the way back we decided it would be better to take the cable car instead of our feet.

Stranger Stories

That’s the thing you all waited for, huh? So it’s time to share another stranger story with you. The first day we got there we brought an empty stomach with us. And there was a tiny note in our room that there’s a snack vending machine in the first floor (at least that’s what we read). So we made our way to the expected machine to get some late night cravings. But we didn’t see anything up there. As the hotel was somewhat exclusive we thought our key might work for a door which would magically bring us to food heaven. Well, it didn’t. And the man which door we were trying to open wasn’t amused at all. When he started screaming we were running away just like two little girls which were prank buzzing. Later that evening that guy decided to get the guilty. And was ringing and bumping against all doors (ours included). I have to admit that I couldn’t sleep for a while, because he was so loud and angry. But jeez, what’s up with tartars like him? 

What I’ve learned through this: exercising restrain when it comes to snacks 😉

By the way: if you ever visit that wonderful hotel: the snacks are hiding in -1.

Have you guys ever been to Athens?

What’s next on your bucket list?

I’m finally going to make my dreams come true and visit Iceland next Monday. If I’m telling you that I’m super excited already it’s not even close to how I feel.

And of course I’m going to take you with me on my Instagram stories, through my camera and photos afterwards and this time also with a drone and video camera.

Do you like to see some videos from time to time? I did a little compilation of moments from Athens which you can find by scrolling down a bit.

Hope you enjoyed reading this super late travel diary of mine!

Lots of love and a wonderful week wishes yours truly and super excited

PS: If you have tips for Iceland let me know!

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