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Skincare is so important. It is not for nothing that there’s this saying about feeling comfortable in your own skin.  I for one don’t know this feeling, because my skin type changed into combination skin. The result are red palms and spots which get even worse with my menstrual cycle. And I really suffer from it.

Two weeks ago a test package by the natural cosmetics brand Oliveda* arrived. All their products are based on agents from olive trees. Against what you may have thought the products aren’t oily. But what’s for sure is that they all have a wonderful, heavenly scent and soft texture.

Inside the little parcel were five products: F07, an anti-aging face cream, F09, an anti-wrinkle eye cream, I24, a mouth oil cure, B31, a body oil and also F06, a face serum.

As you can see those cover all the daily needs of your skin.

So I dared a self-test – will my skin get any better if I use these natural products over a period of two weeks?

The black and white images are the ones I did that day I started to use the products.

My skin was tired, dry, I had a lot of papules and red spots and didn’t feel any good in my skin. Especially the skin patches on the forehead and cheeks were really bad. The worst thing you can do (of course!) is to put make-up on those. But you know as much as I do that make-up really helps you to feel more comfortable because your complexion looks more even.

So what I did was to apply F06, F07 and F09 to my skin, wait a while and put the make-up later on. 

After two weeks my skin looks healthier, less tired and the papules are all nearly gone. The spots you can see on my face are mostly the leftovers of those, which are also going to vanish soon.

My skin feels now nourished, soft and less dry.

My coarse-pored skin parts are now subtler and also look more even. 

And the best thing is for sure that I feel more comfortable in my skin now and am not ashamed about it anymore.

I don’t know how much my skin is going to change in addition, but I’m really optimistic and looking forward to it.

It’s only been two weeks now and I think the results are already amazing!

If I had to name a favorite product out of the ones I’ve tested I’d say it’s  F06, the face serum. The texture is unbelievable soft and I think it really delivers what it promises. On their page they describe the face serum as a panacea to strengthen and repair stressed and dry skin. It moisturizes and refines the pores, while minimizing pigment spots and wrinkles. And I think my skin is the best example to prove them right 😉

Have you ever tried the Oliveda products before?

If not I’d highly recommend you to check them out! If you do so you can get 15% off with my discount code: ULTRAVIOLENCE15

Would you like me to give you some more updates about my skin after a while (like testing the products over 4 weeks)?

Any tips for good-looking and healthy skin? Your recommendations are very welcome!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post.

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