Sustainable Fashion by IND Berlin


You know already how important it is to me to always keep an eye on sustainable fashion. Although the market is still pretty young there are nonetheless wonderful fashion labels which care for more than just profit. One of them is IND Berlin*.

Maybe you are going to remember that I wore a copper-blue skirt during summer (on the right) and now I’m wearing a denim look-a-like skirt in November. Fun fact: it’s the exact same skirt! 

IND Berlin invented a wonderful and creative solution to make more out of every garment: The pieces of fashion designer Nina Julia Walter are convertible. The Twock (a German neologism for a piece which is a skirt, vest and bag in one) I’m wearing can be transformed via a few zippers to a whole new piece like a bag. But there’s more to come: as I’m showing you here as well you can also change the color of your clothing just by turning it inside out!

If you want to see how the transformation looks like step by step I highly recommend you to check out this video. The clothing by Nina Julia Walter has the finger on the pulse: the new minimalism is perfectly reflected in her creations – own less and wear more.

IND Berlin has managed a problem where a lot of brands seem to fail: the clothing is fashionable, cool and sustainable all in one. Sometimes when you are on the hunt for more conscious clothing you have to realize that the cuts and colors are somewhat old-school (and not in a good retro kinda way). Or if you find something super pretty it might have damaged the environment or was produced beneath human dignity (even worse: both!). 

I think it’s important for all of us and also for the future of our mother planet earth to care more about environmental friendly options. The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters which needs to stop obviously. So show labels like IND Berlin some love, support their work and buy their products. Especially fashion-victims just like myself and probably also you, my dear reader, should really keep our eyes and wallets open for great deals and opportunities like this one. 

Is sustainable and fair fashion important to you?

Lots of love,

*this post was created in lovely cooperation with IND Berlin.



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