The Female Suit

“You’ll never look better than in a suit.”

You’ll never look better than in a suit. This might be a ventured thesis but I really think so. And this doesn’t count only for men but also for women. A suit is the perfect classical twin set: it makes you look fierce, independent and strong. 

Despite that you look strong you’ll also notice a change in your posture and mental attitude. It really affects the way you feel and regard the world. So maybe I’ve made clear how wonderful a suit is in general but what I love even more is a womens suit consisting of a jacket and skirt. In Germany we even have our own word for two-piece like that – it’s called “Kostüm”. This refers to the French (of course!) where the word “costume” was used to describe work wear.

No matter for which occasion you decided to put on your next suit, if it’s for work or for a chic evening with your beloved ones, I’m sure you are going to feel the change going through your whole body and mind (haha, I’m really into suits, am I?).


Another love I want to talk about today is the brand Massimo Dutti. I really love every single piece created by those designers and the quality, fit and cuts are worth every Euro. So when I saw this limited edition suit I really need to call it my own. The blazer is lovely made with those scrunched pockets and the asymmetrical cut of that skirt is definitely an eye catcher. I combined this checkered beauty with my Chloé Nile bag and a pair of white boots. Underneath I wore a bodysuit (another suit I really love 😉 ). I also decided to belt my blazer as I love to keep a feminine silhouette at all times. 

What is your favorite garment? Mine is obviously I guess (although it’s more like two garments).

Lots of love,

Btw: This might be one of my favorite looks of this year! 😉

Suit. Massimo Dutti.

Earrings. Zara.

Belt. Mango.

Necklace. Céline.

Bag. Chloé.

Shoes. H&M.


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