The True Cost

But hey: you want it, you get it. And although the price is cheap the true cost is too expensive to be paid.

It’s the end of October and next week is already Halloween. But this post isn’t about how to dress properly for the associated parties and costumes but about something creepier. And also something realer.

It’s autumn. Or it’s supposed to be autumn. What used to be autumn turned out to be a never ending Indian summer. Last year this time I wore my winter coat already. This year I’m adding one transitional look after another, because it’s too hot to wear a coat. The late fall look I shot in Iceland is still pending.

It’s hard to believe that our climate changed so much in only a few decades. Since we started to pollute our environment with big factories, cars and factory farming, so much has changed for the worse. We only think for the here and now, we only think about ourselves than to open our eyes and see what we already destroyed in that egoistic behavior. “Nature is amazing” is one of the most heard phrases and used hashtags on Instagram. Yes, of course nature is amazing. But what do we do to protect our home, our environment?

Sometimes my boyfriend and me talk about kids and our future together. I’m in my mid-twenties and I’m glad that I still have much time to think about this topic. Because honestly: it’s hard to think about kids these days. Kids are our future, right? But how can I give birth to a child that I love when I know I’m leaving it behind in a world so full of problems? 

It may sound dramatic but the thing is: it is dramatic. One day ago in Japan the cherry trees started to bloom. Our glaciers are dying, which I got to realize first hand when we were in Iceland and the glacier started to calve so we couldn’t get any further on our route. Same is for bees which are dying out because of our industry which tries to fulfill all our “needs” through mono culture. But hey: you want it, you get it. And although the price is cheap the true cost is too expensive to be paid. 

I’ve been a vegetarian for fiveteen years and I’m slowly starting to switch to a vegan diet. I don’t own a car and I also don’t have a drivers license. Does this mean that I’m missing something in life? I don’t think so. Over all I feel healthy. And if I want to go to some special places I either look for a public transportation method or if there’s a driver with you, hire a car for a few days.

I don’t want to say that I’m a super positive example but nonetheless I want to show you that there are things that you can do – even as an individual. You only have to make a few little changes to prevent our nature from dying. 

I don’t know how you live and where you live. But I’m sure that there are some things which you can do as well to help and support mother nature. If you are strolling through your favorite forest and you see a piece of plastic on the ground you can pick it up and trash it. I’m sure you own clothing that you don’t use anymore, so why not make your pre-loved pieces to money or buy 2nd hand as well?

It’s not always about changing everything you do. The little things help as well. And if everybody would act like that the world may be a better place. Not only for us but also for the ones which are coming after us. We are only visitors here on earth. Our lives are limited by time. And as you are a guest you should behave like one as well. Sometimes we tend to forget about this fact, however you own nothing but yourself.

Dress. Mango.

Earrings. Zalando.

Hat. H&M Studio AW.

Bag. No. 21.

Belt. & Other Stories.

Shoes. H&M.


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  1. hassan shakir
    October 23, 2018 / 4:03 pm

    Lovely Pictures.

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