Urban Jungle: 4 Tips against the Summer heat

You are going to find me in the concrete jungle.

It’s summer everyone (if you didn’t realize already )! And if you are living in a big city during the summer time you know that it gets super hot from time to time. The concrete soaks up all the warmth and gives it off to its environment. But what can you do to escape the heat a little?

1. Dress properly

In Germany people tend to wear bright tops and shorts and avoid long shirts and the color black. But in southern countries you see people in long dark dresses everywhere. Did you ever question why? If yes, the answer is simple: if the sun beats down on you the risk for sun burns and cancer rises. Wearing loose but long fabrics helps you to protect your skin. Choosing the color black is also a good choice for that purpose because the sun can’t get through the fabric as well. If the day is hot but bearable you can come back to the bright top and shorts thing again (just like me 😉 )

2. Search for the Urban Jungle

Although you are in a concrete jungle, there’s always the possibility to discover a real jungle around. Well, somehow at least. 

Have you ever studied a city climate graph? Such charts show that the temperature for areas with parks and forests is about 3 to 5°C degrees less than it is for urban ones. And if there is a river, lake or any other waters around it’s even more. So if you keep your eyes open, I’m sure you are going to find some wonderful and cooling areas around your workplace and home.

3. Water, Water, Water!

It’s good for your health and your skin. And of course it’s even more important in the summer time. So stay hydrated and drink enough water over the day. If you tend to forget it from time to time you should check out your app store and look for apps which remind you. Or you can add some lemons, basil, mint, fresh berries or ginger to make your water taste more refreshing.

Despite drinking, water can also be a lot of fun: go swimming! And if there is no public pool, lake or river around, it’s also helpful to either let water flow over your wrists or as an alternative buy a refreshment spray. Keeping it in the fridge increases the cooling effect. And you can also have some coolness to-go when you put it inside your bag!

4. …And other Stories.

There are many strange and useful tips around in the deepest depths of the internet. One which I always have in mind is that your body is controllable. Drinking tea during summer might sound strange but it helps your body to regulate the heat. Same is for hot showers. If this is not your thing another one is for sure: food. Eating is a wonderful thing but it’s also important to eat the right. Avoid fat and sugar which might cause your cardiovascular system to collapse and go for fresh fruits and vegetables. One of my fav dishes at the moment are vegetables with oil and herbs baked in the oven. 

What are your tips to escape the heat?

Lots of love,


Sunglasses. Zara.

Earrings. Mango.

Blouse. Massimo Dutti.

Bag. No. 21.

Pants. H&M.

Shoes. H&M Conscious Exclusive.


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  1. July 17, 2018 / 6:06 am

    These shoes are so pretty. Didn’t know h&m conscious has shoes too. Ps. Great tips. Unfortunately I won’t be able to put them on a test as we don’t have summer here. It rains every single day.


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