Wearing your watch over your sleeve

Hello spring and hello my dear reader!

There are some trends you like and others you don’t like and there are the ones you have to try.

Do you know that feeling? The watch over sleeve trend is one I always kept in mind. It has some thrilling moments about it which I liked from the very first second.

As Brandfield contacted me about a collaboration I was pretty excited. So I decided to get a watch (you can read and see all the details about the wonderful pieces of Brandfield and my new favourite accessory by Rosefield here) to let my trend vision come true.

After my wonderful keypiece of my look arrived I was looking for some garments which would shift the attention to the watch even more. The complementary pieces came together one by one and it was quite easy to create. I decided to go for my wonderful statement sleeved blouse and a gobelin jacket (both H&M). The sleeves are a wonderful eyecatcher and go along so well with the watch and the jacket expressly underlines the brand Rosefield through it’s floral pattern and the rose-gold color of the watch.

What do you think of the new watch over sleeve trend? Have you tried it yet?

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

Lots of love,



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