Wearing a White Suit

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance. 

– Coco Chanel

I often dress in vibrant colors, wear vivid dresses and huge earrings. I love to exaggerate a bit. It’s part of my attitude and style.

But I think as important it is to stick to the things you like, it’s even more important to challenge yourself from time to time and try something completely new.


This look unifies both: I love suits and I own a few – but a white suit?

I have to tell you that I was searching for a great white suit since last August but it was hard to find a wonderful two-piece.

The thing is: the top and bottom of this suit are also not made for one another.

But I didn’t mind and decided to go for it anyway.

I wanted to keep the simplicity of the white suit alive and went for a jewelry-free combination. 

Underneath I’m wearing a swimsuit and I combined the whole thing with my No.21 and wonderful pumps by Konstantin Starke (you can find them at Zumnorde.de*).

Shop White Suits

How do you guys like this simple look combo?

Should I do outfits like this more often?

Swimsuit. H&M.

Jacket. Mango.

Bag. No. 21.

Pants. Mango.

Shoes. Konstantin Starke via Zumnorde*.

* This post was created in lovely cooperation with Zumnorde.de


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